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Cycling the Gota Canal - 2

Cycling the Gota Canal
Cycling the Gota Canal
Info : IFS R&D Apartment - Lambohov
: Tuesday 08:20, May 2011
: IFS R&D Apartment - Lambohov
: Tuesday 17:40, May 2011
: Sweden
: Linkoping
: Reach Borensberg and return to Linkoping
: 80 Km

Participants Chathura, ..., ..., Me - Organizer

Gota Canal Swedish canal constructed in the early 19th century. It formed the backbone of a waterway stretching some 382 miles (614 km), linking a number of lakes and rivers to provide a route from Gothenburg (Swedish:Goteborg) on the west coast to Soderkoping on the Baltic Sea via the river Gota alv and the Trollhatte kanal, through the large lakes Vanern and Vattern.Quated from wiki
Info There are a total of eleven locks at Berg : the Carl Johan locks, the Oscar double lock and the Berg double lock.
Carl Johan Locks Formal name: Carl Johan. King Carl XIV Johan and his son Prince Oscar visited the building site in 1815 and laid two foundation stones for the locks, hence the name.
Built: 1815-1818
Technical facts: These seven connected locks are the longest flight of locks on the Gota Canal. They raise boats 18.8 meters between Lake Roxen and the marina at Berg. Operation is hydraulic. There are a total of eleven locks at Berg, all of which are built of limestone from a local quarry.
History of the lock: The lockkeeper's house was built between 1810 and 1820. Originally, the interior was divided into two apartments for the lockkeepers and their families. Approximately 100 meters south of the locks is the former lock inspector's house.
Oscar Locks Formal name: Oscar (after Crown Prince Oscar, later King Oscar I).
Built: 1815
Technical facts: This double locks has a rise of 4.8 meters.
History of the lock: South of the lock lay the former granary of timber, which had stood there since at least the biginning of the 19th century. The granary burned down in 1996. It contained the Canal Company's workshop and storehouse. Today, it has been rebuilt on the original foundations and serves as a youth hostel.
Berg Locks Formal name: Karl Ludvig Eugen (King Kari XV)
Built: 1819-1820
Technical facts: The locks are joined together and were electrified as early as 1969. They have a total rise of 5.5 meters.
History of the lock: The present lockkeeper's house was built in 1935. West of the locks, on the north bank of the canal, stands a memorial stone which was erected in 1932 to commemorate the billeted soldiers who built the canal.
IFS R&D Apartment - Lambohov Gota Canal - Berg 08:20 09:20 16Km
Gota Canal - Berg Gota Canal - Borensberg 10:30 01:00 21.1Km
Gota Canal - Borensberg Gota Canal - Berg 14:30 16:30 21.1Km
Gota Canal - Berg IFS R&D Apartment - Lambohov 17:00 17:40 16Km

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