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Bird Watching - Sinharaja Forest(UNESCO World Heritage), with FOGSL

A Butterfly
A Butterfly

Info : University of Colombo
: Thursday 18:00, September 2010
: University of Colombo
: Sunday 20:30, Sunday 2010
: Martin's Lodge
Bird Watching
Bird Watching
Participants 26 FOGSL members including Lakitha, Kusal, Kusal's wife, Gayan and Me
Objectives Learn about birds(their living facts, living styles, specific habitats), bird watching, to acquire data on birds of sinharaja, observe behaviours of birds of sinharaja, to collect General facts with sinharaja forest, etc...

Martin's Lodge This lodge is situated inside the sinharaja reserve. They have few room and few dometries. Nice place with basic facilities.
Forrest Department Dometry From this position, have to travel few kms to reach the sinharaja forest entrance.
Mulawella Mountain We climbed Mulawella mountain on the second day of our journey.

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