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Foot Steps

Trip to Galle

The Galle Fort
The Galle Fort
Info : Wellawatta
: Saturday 07:40, October 2010
: Wellawatta
: Saturday 09:30, October 2010

Participants Nicklas, Ola, Thisara, Shanuka, Asanka, Me

We started our journey around 07:40 in the morning from Wellawatta. We hired a van for transportation of our crew. On our way there we stopped at few places, first at the tsunami temple, which is built in commemoration of great tragedy Tsunami in Sri Lankan coastal areas 6 year back. And another time to watch fisherman pulling their fishing nets. We were able to reach Galle Fort at 11:20. I have been there once when I was a kid. But I left only a small memory about this place :-) It was a great place, great view. Galle International Cricket ground situated next to Galle Fort.(Of course you know about this :-)) And the view of the light house was spectacular. Then we took a walk in a nearby street. There was a private museum with a jewellary shop, which is own by a businessmen. You can see lot of collections of different kind of old items. Entrance to this place is free.

Our next destination was Unawatuna beach resort and we had our lunch from there. After little while we had nice swim. Specially our friends, Ola and Nicklas, had a great swim. It was a nice view, -one can see there- on the beach. We waited at the beach to see sunset. It was very beautiful. At about 18:30, we left the beach and came to Wellawatta at about 21:30. The End.

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  • Ola and Nicklas for taking us on this trip.
  • Pannila for correcting this story.
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