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Foot Steps

Handapan Ella Planes and Waterfall, Rakwana

Glimps of the waterfall
Glimps of the waterfall
Handapan Ella Planes covered with mist
Handapan Ella Planes covered with mist
Sinharaja Hermitage
Sinharaja Hermitage
Participants Indika - Organizer, Malinda Sir, Uthpala akka, Kithsiri, Me

Info : Nugegoda
: Handapan Ella Plane, Rakwana
: Saturday 06:00, July 2011
: Sunday 20:00, July 2011
: Private Car
: NO

We organized this trip by seeing an old news paper report. By reading it, we thought this would be an easy trail. Our aim was to climb to top of Handapan Ella, i.e Handapan Ella Planes and camp their overnight. We start our journey from Nugegoda in the early morning and reached Rakwana at 10:00 in the morning.

We could only see the waterfall while we drive through the road to find a starting place for our journey. As it was conered with mist no one gets idea about where the waterfall is, except the directions we got from locals.

We start our journey at about 11:30 while we're heading it was small rain, mist and cold. After passing the tea estates we enter to the jungle. We lose the trail in a small penetration to the jungle. Actually we could not find the trail. Then we decide to climb directly to the top of the mountain.

Traveler Tips The jungle is thick. Even though we found the wetness and moisture in it, didn't find even a single water stream after we enter the jungle.

However we start climb. It was also not that easy due to rocks, not just a smooth ramp. Also the underneath forest was very thick and we had to clear the path using our hard knives. To avoid the rocks we start to go horizontally to right. But we unable to find an easy access to the top of the mountain. Until its getting dark we couldn't find an exact path, putting us in to the trouble about 'Drinking water', which we were lacking and also couldn't find a source. It was hard to find a place to setup the camp, too. Final decision was to return! But finding the return path was also not easy because we didn't follow the basic hiking principles in order to recap the return path. So we decide to go down directly following a stream with no water. Indika leads us and we came to the tea estate within an hour. We camp at the tea estate in the windy night and in the morning we start our return journey. We went to the Sinharaja Hermitage temple in our return. At about 20:00, we were able to reach home. The End.

Traveler Advices - Important
  • Always do a background research about the place/trail you are planing to follow
  • Always take a map with you
  • Everyone in the group should follow the same path (trail heads(leading persons) foot path)
  • Try to keep your hands free. Put everything in your backpack
  • Start your journey in the early morning
  • Eventhough it is a easy/short trail, keep the marks for return(marking on trees) clearly, which I said 'basic principles' for trekking
  • When putting marks on trees, put them on the other side of the tree, so that when you return, those marks can be seen easily :-D
  • Always take (filled) water bottle

  • Villagers who gave us advices and who took care of the vehicle over-night.
  • Kithsiri and Indika for photos
  • Pannila for correcting this story

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