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Foot Steps

Horton Plains National Park - World's End & Kirigalpoththa Mountain Trail

The World's End
The World's End
Info : Colombo Fort Railway Station
: Friday 22:00, January 2010
: Colombo Fort Railway Station
: Monday 19:30, January 2010

Participants Me & Suraj - Organizers, Asanka, ...., Tarake, Chamila, Sahan, Pannila

The fort railway station was the place where we started our journey. Even though there were big crowd waiting till the train comes, all of us were able to get a seat fortunately.

Info You can not book second class seats for this train. But you can book second class sleeping berths. There are people coming to your seats with tickets (sometimes with group tickets -fleet ) after you seated on second class compartments, claiming that the seat number you are seating booked by them. Even seats are numbered there is no way to book seats. So stand for your right and ask them to come with an officer if one forced you to offer them your seat.

We had little chats, singing songs in the first two three hours of our journey and got into sleep. It was 04:30 in the morning, when we get off from Pattipola train station. There were very thick mist at surrounding in the area, we can't see even 5-10 meters distance away from us clearly. Since there is no way to get to the Horton Plains Park at that time, we wait till 05:30 inside the train station. There is waiting room. Then we took a van and went to the park. We have already booked the Maha Eliya Bungalow from the Wildlife department.

Info To book wildlife bungalows, you must go to its' reservation office at Malabe. Maha Eliya Bungalow is the best bungalow due to its surrounding and view.
Traveler Tips It normally costs Rs: 1200/= for a van from Pattipola to Horton Plans. Don't ask from the people in the train station for a van. There is a shop in walking distance. Ask for a vehicle from that shop owner. He will help you to find a vehicle. The vehicle is not a Van actually, a buddy lorry converted to passenger transportation.
Worlds' End Trail
World's End Trail
Pattipola Entrance
Pattipola Entrance

We first went to the bungalow and put our luggage their. Then we went to the park office and show our credentials to confirm the booking. Then we start our journey through Mini World's End, Great World's End, Baker's Falls and came back again to our bungalow at about 15:30. The day was very clear without any mist or rain at the day time. We were able to see the World's end very clearly. There is guardian person for the bungalow and he will make your meals for you after providing the rice, spices and vegetable as you desire. So, after he made our food all ate like they haven't ate for few days. We couldn't go out at the evening since there was a stormy rain. In the same day, one of our office mates came with another group, for camping. We felt sorry for him by seeing the weather conditions which is not good for camping at all. :-)

Fun Tips You can go out in the afternoon, to the grass ground in the back side of the Maha Eliya Bungalow and you can see troops of elks in these grass fields.
Info Now, both bungalows have hot water, under a limit. Because solar power is only, the source of Energy.
Info You must take necessary food with you. The guardian person in the bungalow is looking after the bungalow and visitors. There're satisfactory sleeping facilities, but make sure take a blanket with you to cover your body when sleeping and good pair of socks if you can. The extremely low temperature (below 10 centigrade's at some nights) will not provide you good sleep without warming materials.

Next day, we started our journey at about 08:00 in the morning. Our mission was to climb the Kirigalpoththa Mountain. Without much difficulty we were able to climb the top of the mountain. At the beginning there is very clear foot path but with the going you'll have to find your way through the forest. At the last part of this climb, you must go through a very small trail. Both side of this part is a steep and bit dangerous with the thrust of wind. Since there is a very strong wind, we've passed this part very carefully. It was a great feeling when climbed the top of the mountain. You can see the clouds (thick mist) underneath of your stage and time to time the wind carries it and clear the ground area. So take your time at the top and wait till wind clear your vision. With enough sun light you can have nice views at top.

View - Top of the Kirigalpoththa
View - Top of the Kirigalpoththa
Traveler Tips There is a new trail to climb Kirigalpoththata. There are some areas covered with mud and water. So it is advisable to use normal slippers (Bata - It is my style). Currently, older trail is not in use.
Traveler Tips To climb the Kirigalpoththa Mountain, it normally takes 6 to 7 hours. When you are passing the very top of the mountain, you must be very careful. There are people who will help you to climb the mountain. They will charge for the service too. But, to get the real experience, you must climb your own without a tracker. :-D

It took us nearly 11 hours to complete the climb. It was nearly 19:00 when we return to our bungalow. We met our bungalow guardian while on our return. Since we are late, he was going to report that we are missing, to the office. :-) He is such a responsible guy. After we had a wash and the dinner, we all went to sleep.

In the morning, we took two three-wheelers from the bungalow and came to 'Ohiya' railway station. The road is a very beautiful. We took the train from there and came to Colombo at about 18:00. The End.

Traveler Tips If you are planing to walk to horton plains from the train station or vice-versa, I recommand you to take the Ohiya road. You can get a great view from this road rather than Pattipola road.
Note Most of the photos were taken by Suraj and Tarake. Since I was the guide, I had other responsibilities. :-D

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  • Sarasi akka, her husband and her friend for helping us to get into the train.
  • Pannila for correcting this article.
  • Suraj and Tarake for their photos.
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