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Night at Nilaveli Beach

Sun rise on Nilaveli Beach
Sun rise on Nilaveli Beach
Info : Colombo Fort Railway Station
: Friday 20:00, February 2010
: Pettah
: Sunday 22:30, February 2010

Traveler Tips : 21:00
: Colombo Fort
: Chinabey
: Rs:200.00 (3rd Class)
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Participants Lakitha - Organizer, Anton, Dimuthu, Sidhath, Maduranga, me

We've started our journey at 20:00 by train. It was a very pleasant traveling time. Eventhough we were plaining to get of at Trincomalee railway station, we did that at Chinabay reilway station at about 05:00. Then, one of my friends, who is living in Trincomalee came to meet us. First we went to their home and had a quick morning tea. Our plan was to get into the cruise ship which is going to mutur and come back again. But we were not able to get into the ship, because we were late.

The Koneswaram Kovil
The Koneswaram Kovil
Traveler Tips Only around 200 people allowed travel at a time on the ship. Also priority has given to the local travelers who engaged in their day today work. So, if you want to take this cruise ride, you must go to this place at about 06:30 or 07:00 for the 08:00 ship and 14:00 for the 15:00 ship, and wait in the queue. To get this ship, go to Trincomalee Jetty which is situated near the Post Office Junction.

Then, we went to the Koneswaram Kovil. You have to walk nearly 500m to reach the top of the mountain where this kovil is situated. On the way back, we also went to the Koneswaram temple. We've walked to the Trincomalee bus station and took a bus to Nilaweli beach. It was about 1 hour journey. Then, we have to walked 500m (dusty and rough road at that time) to reach the Nilaveli beach.

Traveler Tips Nilaweli beach hotel is also situated there.

After we had our lunch (which is neither cheap nor taste) which we bought from a shop near the road, we went to 'Pigen Island' by boat. It is about 1km away from the Nilaveli beach.

Traveler Tips Boat ride to Pigen island cost about Rs:1500/= per 6 person. They will put you to the island, and they will come to take you back at the time we tell them. Boats service start at about 07:00 and stops at 16:30.
Pigen Island Very beautiful little island. You will feel that you went to Maladies islands. :-)

Beach - Pigen Island
Beach - Pigen Island
Fun Tips You must take necessary equipments to swim (Swimming glass,etc.). Water is steady and not very deep. You can see lot of fish. All you have to do is just put your head inside the water and float (This is only possible if you have swimming glasses). You can have the feeling inside the sea full of natural life.
Traveler Tips In the walking distance from the beach (near the vehicle park), their is a place where you can get a water bath for Rs:20/= to clean your body from sand and salty sea water.

We got a boat back to Nilaveli beach at about 16:30 and then, again had a good swim.

Then, we've placed our tent at the Nilaveli beach and had our dinner (which is really bad). We try to set up a fire, but we failed due to the very disturbing strong wind blows which from sea to land side. At about 18:30, we went to sleep. During the night time, One of our friends had some pain in his leg. But don't know the exat reason till now. :-) At about 06:30, we got up. And it was a so great view. Sun rises from the horizon line at far end by the sea. I can't describe the beauty of the seanary.Then, we slept in the beach for about one hour. It was a very relaxing time. Then we play (made some sand castles, etc.) and again swim till 11:30. After all we pack the luggage by our selves and came back to Trincomalee by bus. After having our lunch, we took a bus at about 14:00 and came to colombo at about 22:30. The End

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  • Kelum and his family for helping us at Trincomalee.
  • Pannila for correcting this article.
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