Foot Steps

Sir Thomas Maitland's (Governor of Sri Lanka - 1805-1811) personal room, Mount Lavinia Hotel

It was the day where all the company staff gathered to Mount Lavinia Hotel for our first Summit. After the first session on Saturday, at about 10:00 we checked-in for our rooms. It was a busy day for the hotel lots of people coming, as it was the Weekend.

Info : Mount Lavinia Hotel
: Saturday - Sunday, October 2011
: Ifs Corporate Services Staff

Afer waiting for 20 mins, we (Upul, my roommate and I) got the room key with provided service person to take us to the room. By the time it was a room being repaired on the same day as per what they informed us, making us little confused about the situation because we were not allowed to enter the room till later evening unless keeping the bags in the room.

But, while we are following the person who took us to the room, he said that it was the room of Govener, and it is a rare chance to have it. Further, it is not a regular room opens for visitors, unless in a busy day the hotel needs to use it due to lack of room availability.

We were in a little doubt that is it a regular story that hotel issues for visitors when they want to take attention of visitors against the embarrassments they face due to having a 'under renovation' room. We ask the service guy about that, directly, but friendly, just to let him know 'we are not that much stupid, if you wanna make us'.

While we follow him, we had to take a round staircase and came to a sitting area and it looks little interesting and different that other places of the hotel. It look very old. There were only two doors and a way to balcony. He stops at a door, with a number 537 , and he opened it and let us enter to the room.

At the first glance, we came to know he didn't lie to us. It was different, old and big, create in two tiers. There is a door to next room, which contains a charir set. Then there was a small stair case to go down to a bedroom, with old bed, cabinet, and few more unique furniture. Only the barthroom renovated for modern times.

Night, I went to sleep, while trying to imagine the old times of Governor in the same premises, in the same room. We've heard this story from our childhood but never thought we will able to come this much close to it. Until I fall asleep Lavinia or governer didn't appear in front of us. :-) The next day noon, we return but didn't forget to take a final look at this legendary place before we checked-out from the room and its history. The End.

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