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Railway Walk (Rail Para Dige) From Great Western to Idalgashinna

Udarata Menike
Udarata Menike

Info : Colombo Fort Railway Station
: Friday 20:00, August 2010
: Pettah
: Sunday 20:30, August 2010

Participants Dimuthu - Organizer, Anton, Lakitha, Sidhath, Kusal, Me

I don't have words to explain this story. It is sooo beautiful. So, I will write it as a story book. Only talk when it is necessary.

We've started our journey at 20:00 by train. We get off from the train at about 03:30 from Great Western railway station. We rest till 06:30, at the rest room at the station. Then, 06:30 in the morning, our journey begins.

Note We had to be very careful when we travel on bridges or inside tunnels. We always kept our ears open. There is no room on the bridges to stay, when train is going on them.
Great Western Radella - -
Radella Nanu-Oya 09:15 10km to 12km
Nanu-Oya Perakumpura 10:53 3.5km
Perakumpura Ambewela - -
Ambewela Pattipola 15:50 -
Pattipola Ohiya 09:40 7km
Ohiya Idalgashinna 12:10 8.5km

Tunnels We had to go through 19 tunnels on our journey. Longer tunnels has 'Man Holes'.
Man Hole Inside the tunnel, there are areas where mountain was cut into square shaped holes, so that workers can go into those when trains are comming.
Accomadation We stayed Saturday night at Pattipola. There was a person called 'Mahathun', who own a vehicle. I knew him earlier, when we went to horton planes. He is also providing accomadations. So, we stayed at his house.

Useful Links Official government web site of Sri Lanka Railway :
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  • Dimuthu's brother for this idea and providing us valuable information.
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