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Trip to Singapore

Info : LCC Terminal, Kuala Lumpur
: Saturday 06:05, January 2010
: LCC Terminal, Kuala Lumpur
: Saturday 22:50, January 2010
Traveler Tips : Return Ticket
: LCC Terminal, Kuala Lumpur
: Changi Airport, Singapore
: Rs:5000.00
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Participants Navinth - Organizer, Dineth, Shehan, Dilan, Me

We took the flight to Singapore from LCC Terminal in Malaysia. The flight takes only 20 minutes on air from LCC Terminal to Changi Airport in Singapore. It was 07:00, when we landed to Singapore.

Tall Buildings
Tall Buildings
Traveler Tips 'Air Asia' airline is one of the cheapest airlines to fly.
Traveler Tips One doesn't need to have visa to enter to Singapore, before to arrival. When you come to Singapore, they will issue visa at air port itself, for 30 days. This is called 'On arrival Visa'. But, if you are coming to Singapore from one country and going back to that same country, you need to get multiple entry visas for that country.
Traveler Tips Beware when taking photos inside airports. There are certain places which travelers not allowed to get photographs.

After our arrival at Singapore, we went to the information desk to get information and plan our visit in Singapore. (Actually we haven't had exact plans where to go or what to visit before to the journey.)

Luckily, there's a great opportunity and we were able to get benefited from that. Singapore government is offering a free transportation to airport to city and back plus giving a free tour for the transit passengers. So, we registered for this facility. We got the 09:30 bus and at sharp the given time bus came to airport. We got in to the bus with few other tourists. There was a guide who is explaining us everything that we must do.

Traveler Tips You will only be eligible for this facility, if your return flight is on the same day as you come to Singapore. To get this opportunity, you will have to submit them your return flight info to the information counter.

There are several places that we can get-off from the bus. When we registered, we have to give them where we get off from the bus and, when and where we get back into the bus for the return. We get off from the bus at the Singapore Flyer.

Singapore Flyer This offers a great view of the surrounding.
Singapore Flyer
Singapore Flyer

From there, they've given us a free one hour tour around the Singapore city. The bus was a double-decker bus and given with a guide who explains everything important that we're passing. We had a nice ride around the Singapore town with beautiful bunch of sceneries. The tour ends when the bus returns back to Singapore Flyer.

We couldn't have a ride on Singapore flyer, since we thought that it's too expensive and we're afraid to afford that much for such a single event at that time. Because our return bus was at 17:00, we had 5 to 6 hours time to walk around the city.

Fun Tips You can take a ride at this Singapore Flyer. If the sky is clear, they say that you can see all around Singapore, and also part of the Malaysia at the top. It costs about 30 Singapore dollars.
The Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay Centre for performing arts for the island nation of Singapore.
The Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay
The Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay

One of our friends wanted to buy a camera. So, we took a bus and went to a shopping area called 'little India' where majority was indian tamils. It was a festival day for Hindus.

The Merlion
The Merlion

After we had our lunch (which is also expensive for a average traveler) we came back to the place where we will take our bus which will take us back to the air port. But we left another 3 hours for the bus. So, we went to most important places in Singapore to visit finding the routings at our own by means of a map. First we walked to Soldier tour. Then we've visited to The Esplanade. From there we went to Singapore lion. Then we came back where we need to get back to our bus. Bus came on time and they took us to the air port. From there, we took our flight and landed in Malaysia at about 23:00. The End

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