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Waulpane Bat Caves and Safari at Udawalawa

When the time we’re planning this trip, there were six or seven confirmed participants to this event. But, due to some unavoidable reasons on their side, most of them informed that they are unable to join. (Typically happens when organizing trips :) ) Nevertheless, three of us went this interesting voyage.

Participants Me - Organizer, Kanishka, Pubudu
Elephants - Udawalawa National Park
Elephants - Udawalawa National Park

Info : Pettah Bus Station
: Saturday 08:00, April 2010
: Pettah Bus Station
: Sunday 17:00, April 2010
: Public Bus Service

We took a bus from Pettah bus station at 08:00. It takes almost 6 hours to reach the first destination situated before Sankapala Viharaya. We wanted to see Waulpane Caves. There’s around 7 km distance from main road to the place where the Caves are. A transport service also in operation from the main road to Waupane. (These vehicles are tripers, that have been converted to buses.)

Traveler Tips If you are planning to go by bus, take long distance (far destination) buses (like Monaragala). Buses that goes to Udawalawa or Embilipitiya take much longer time than long distance buses.
Info Cost for three-wheeler from main road to Waulpane Caves cost around Rs: 550/=. There is about 7km from main road to Waulpane. Road is very steep.
The Lime Stone Cave
The Lime Stone Cave

Waulpane is a natural Lime Stone cave, which very rare in the world. Thousands of bats made it their habitat from unknown ages back. There is also a small water fall inside the cave, falls from top of the cave, but inside the cave.

Traveler Tips Though inside the cave is so dark, a powerful torch can help you to see inside the cave. Also floor inside the cave is fully covered with a layer of feces of bats and the attack of their frequent evacuation is something you have to ready for inside the cave :). So, it is advisable to wear some old cloths when going into the cave. Make sure you’re not watching up with open Eyes (un-covered) or Mouth.

Unfortunately we couldn’t catch a bus, on the return journey. we had to walk around 25 minutes up to the mountain road to get a bus, from waupane to main road. It’s about 17:00, when we reached the Udawalawa and raining heavily too. Our plan was to set up a camp in the night. Due to the heavy rain, we decided to stay in a hotel. So, from the help of our friend, we were able to booked a hotel room for us to stay. He came to meet us and take us there.

Yodaya kapu wala
Yodaya kapu wala
Transpotation to Waulpane
Transpotation to Waulpane

On the next day, we woke-up early in the morning and went to the entrance of the Udawalawa National Park. We took a safari jeep at 07:30. It was a good time to see wild animals. There were lots of elephants, peacocks, birds and many other wild species. We saw troops of dears also. After we came out the park at about 10:30, we went Udawalawa tank and had a good swim. At about 12:05, we came to Udawalawa Elephant Transit Home. It was ideal time to see elephants.

Traveler Tips Best time to safari at Udawalawa National Park, is 06:00 to 09:00 and 15:30 to 18:00. During these times, you can see lot of animals.
Traveler Tips Safari trip costs about Rs: 2500/= for 2 to 2:30 hours travel time. Also you have to buy tickets, including one for the jeep driver. For local adults, it cost Rs: 60/= and foreign adult it cost $15 per person at these days. Vehicle entrance fee is Rs: 250/=.

An Eagle
An Eagle
Elephant Transit Home
Elephant Transit Home
Fun Tips There are several bungalows and camp sites inside the Udawalawa park. You can book them from wild life office at Malabe or from Udawalawa park entrance.
Info Info There is two time slots to see elephants, for a day. One is at 09:00 and other is at 12:00 in the noon. It cost only Rs: 20/= per person.
Note: You have to be there exactly at given times. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes for this event to happen.

At the end, we took a Manaragala-Colombo bus from Udawalawa and came back to Colombo at 17:00. The End.

Useful Links Forest Conservation : Department of Forest Conservation
Wildlife Concervation : The Department of Wildlife Conservation
Telephone :
Department of Wildlife Conservation: 011-2888585
Udawalawa National Park : 047-3475892

  • Suraj and his friend Dhanushka for helping us.
  • Pannila for correcting this article.
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