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Foot Steps

Wilpattu Sanctuary Park, Camping and sacred ruins in ancient city-Anuradhapura

Dotted Deer
Dotted Deer
Ruwanweli Dhageba
Ruwanweli Dhageba

Info : Private Bus Stand, Pettah
: Friday 23:20, June 2010
: Private Bus Stand, Pettah
: Sunday 23:30, June 2010

At 23:20h we started our journey from Colombo by bus through the route Colombo-Chilaw-A'pura (Route no 4). We have reserved a Safari Jeep before to the journey. So we planned to catch the Jeep at Wilpattu Junction after getting off from the bus and around 0400h morning we came to Wilpattu junction. But we came to know that the bus driver dropped us at a wrong place after giving a phone call to the Jeep owner, Mr. Nishantha. After getting some information and directions from him we came to Nochchiyagama town to catch him at there, so we had to take another bus which follows our previous bus at 05:00h. It was very kind of him to take all of us to his home and treat us with all facilities we need at that moment plus nice morning tea, after catching us at Nochchiyagama town to his Jeep. After all we started our tour to Wilpattu and around 06:15h we were able to reach there.

Traveler Tips Frequent (almost hourly) bus service is in operation starting from Colombo in route no 04. It takes not more than four and half hours journey from Colombo to Wilpattu. The route is basically from Colombo-Chilaw-Kala Oya Bridge-Wilpattu Junction and finally you can meet with Wilpattu Entrance.
Traveler Tips One has to penetrate at least more than 15km distance inside to the forest to see the dwelling fields of wild animals, specially other endemic species to the vilpaththu.
Info You have to buy an entrance ticket. The charges mentioned below in a chart.
Local adult or locally resident adult Rs. 60.00
Local child or locally resident child Rs. 30.00
School children (per child) Rs. 20.00
Foreign adult U.S.Dollars 15
Foreign child U.S.Dollars 08
For each jeep or double cab Rs. 250.00
For each car Rs. 125.00
For each van Rs. 250.00
For each bus or lorry transporting passengers Rs. 400.00
Single visit during hours - Local tour group Rs. 300.00
Single visit during hours - Foreign tour group U.S.Dollars 08
Vat For above Grand Total - 12%

Info Wilpattu means 'Ten Lakes'. Actually there are 42 lakes inside the park. ('Villu' means natural reservoirs. And 'Paththu' means ten. ]
Traveler Tips The entrance ticket is valid for one time entry to the premises. So make sure to take your Lunch with you if you are planning to spend the whole day inside the park. If you have any more issues with the services of the Park administration you may contact the garden guardian through,
0718-253268, 025-3855691

After two hours of touring in the park we came to Kumbukwila for the breakfast. It was nice one with String hoppers, Sambola and a spicy dhal curry. Up to that time we've seen Deers, Wild Fowls, Wild Boars, Foxes and many types of birds in the park. After the breakfast we started the safari back towards finding the place where it is considered as 'Kuweni' (as per to the legend of Aryans establishment in Ceylon) was keeping on her works with wool when the time 'King Wijaya' arrives here.

Kuweni's Place
Kuweni's Place

We have observed few old bungalows (Manikkawila, Kali willu) which have been destroyed by miserable LTTE terrorists in the war time, while on our travel.

Info SL Army engaged in contemporary developments and making four new bungalows inside the park. They will be opening soon for general public.

After, we came to 'Point Kudiramale' which is a one end of the park. This point is also important due to few ancient facts. This is the place where it called King Wijaya Landed first (as per to the history, the sand at the shore came to copperish colour when the king touches the sand and so this land called 'Thamba-panni'). Also we observed ruins of a Hindu Kovil, an old Sea port ('Horse Mountain') also there.

Then we came to famous Kala oya water stream, another end of the park with a plan to have a bath and take our lunch there. But Unfortunately Army is not allowing people to go to the Kala oya these days. So we came in to another small stream and had our lunch after having a river bath. It was 14:00h when we start our safari back from that place.

Our main target was to observe leopards. It is said that vision of leopards is very rare. Even though we moved here and there in the park almost four hours to catch a leopard on our eyes, we’re failed. But we could have a view on many wild species we’ve seen before in the morning also some troops of elks. The time, limits our journey from there, and we have started coming back from the park so at 18:30h.

Preparing Dinner
Preparing Dinner

‍We took away two tents with us to spend that night in a camping area. The jeep owner, Mr. Nishantha helped us a lot to settle our tents at close proximity of 'Thotupala Lake'.

The whole park was swallowed by the darkness even we are coming to the Thotupala Lake area. For the rapid progress of the work we divided in to three groups ourselves and by means of light from battery torches we started or works. Two teams were engaged in arranging tents and rest was responsible of making fire and cooking. We first made a Soup and then 'Rotti'. After few hours of work we're able to complete making tents and have a complete meal with Rotti, Sambol, Salmon fish curry with marmite paste. We went to sleep at 01:30h passing midnight after having a hot tea also.

I think it's 07:00h passed when we woke up in the morning. We're able to fire up the fire place easily and make a tea for the morning. We ate few rotties we preserved from last night cooking. As per to our planned journey we have to go to 'Island Baththalangunduwa'. But as a group idea we thought it's better to go and worship to sacred 'Atamasthanaya' (Sacred eight places) in ancient city Anuradhapura. Within 30 minutes we came to the A'pura town. Meanwhile, one member of our group came back Colombo on same day for his personal reason, leaving our team in to five members.

Sri Maha Bodhiya
Sri Maha Bodhiya
Ruwanmali Seya
'Ruwanmali Seya'

We came to Thisa wewa (The Lake Thisa) to have a nice swim and bath, first. Which is an intuitional feeling of us as Buddhists, we must clean first before visiting a temple. We first entered in to 'Ranmasu-Uyana' (The garden 'Ranmasu') following through the foot path along with bank of the lake. After visiting ranmasu Uyana, we came see to world renowned 'Isurumuni Lovers' Sculpture. After that we visit 'Lowamahapaya' and worship our sacred 'Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya', 'Ruwanmali Seya', 'Thuuparamaya' and 'Jethawana Sthupa' also. This took over five hours of time walking.

Finally we came back A'pura main Bus station and returned to Colombo at about 23:30h. The End.

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