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Alupola Falls Rathnapura (2024 Best Tour Guide)

 Discover the breathtaking Alupola Ella Falls in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. Watch as the water flows gently into the gorgeous Halketiya Falls, surrounded by towering mountain forests.

Here, we will provide you with all the essential information you need to know before visiting Alupola Falls.


The breathtaking majesty of this captivating waterfall, known as Alupola Falls, derives its name from the neighboring tea plantation, Alupola Estate. It showcases its magnificence as it gracefully cascades over the surface of a solid stone, forming an incredibly attractive and incredible scene. Alupola Falls is embraced by a peaceful environment, surrounded by towering trees that add to its enchanting charm, providing a calm location for visitors to relax and enjoy.


Travel Time

3 Hours 30 Minutes


68 m



Where is Alupola Falls located in Sri Lanka?

This majestic waterfall is located in the stunning Alupola village, which is located in Sri Lanka’s picturesque Ratnapura province. It is located in the greenery of a lovely tea estate, near the beautiful Sri Pada National Sanctuary.

The breathtaking height of Alupola Ella Falls may be seen from the main road, providing a stunning scene. A well-designed trail adjacent to the road has been built, similar to the steps of a staircase, allowing travellers to descend and get closer to the magnificent waterfall. As you embark on your wonderful journey, a breathtaking view greets you and gets covered by the amazing and relaxing elegance of Alupola Ella Falls.


Credit: @didz_u_dilshan

How to visit Alupola Falls?

Here is a roadmap to reach Waterfall:

  1. Start the journey in Ratnapura.
  2. Follow the route to Bambarakotuwa and Wewelwatta.
    Travel through the villages of Kudamagaka, Ravuladola, Pollwatte, and Rilegama.
  3. Continue until you reach the Egarasland and Halwatura peak intersections.
  4. At the junction, turn left.
  5. Follow the short and winding route to the twin falls.
  6. Alternatively, from Wewelwatte town, head upward for about 2.6 kilometers.
  7. This will lead you to the base of Alupola Falls.

Please keep in mind that it is best to use a map or navigation device to get precise instructions to Alupola Falls. Google Pin   

Alupola Ella Stair Cases in Ratnapura FootSteps

Can I hike at Alupola Falls?

Accessing the falls may require some walking or navigating through the surrounding forested areas, but it may not be as organized or well-maintained as some other popular hiking destinations. However, there is a well-structured staircase leading from the nearest tea estate.

Can I swim at Alupola Falls?

There are some safe swimming areas available, but those are safe depending on your swimming skills. However, swimming is not advised at Alupola due to the unstable water levels caused by the hydroelectric power station. Unfortunately, there have been multiple reported incidents of deaths and injuries from swimming. For your own safety, it is strongly recommended that you refrain from swimming in Alupola and seek alternative locations for a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.

Can I camping on Alupola Falls?

It is advisable to avoid camping near the waterfall due to the varying water levels caused by the hydroelectric power station, since it is making unsafe for camping. The fluctuating water levels can produce risks, so it is better to choose a different location for camping to ensure your safety and enjoyment.



Credit: @dil_zenu


What are the nearby locations of Alupola Waterfall?

The best 7 places to visit nearby Ratnapura – Wewalwatte route

All other nearby places

  • Alupola Ella viewpoint 2 – 0 km
  • Pandioya Ella Falls – 6 km
  • Rikidi Falls – 6 km
  • Sannasi ella – 6 km
  • Aqil Ella ආක්කිල් ඇල්ල ஆகில் எல்ல – 8 km
  • ඉලපත් ඇල්ල ilapath ella – 16 km
  • Parevi Falls – 18 km
  • Aanda Ella Fall – 19 km
  • Goxin Falls – 19 km
  • Ellewala Waterfall (Meddekanda) – 22 km
  • Dehena kanda natural swimming pool – 24 km
  • රත්මල් ඇල්ල (Rathmal Ella Falls) – 26 km 
  • Urawa Waterfall – 27 km
  • Kunissan ella – 28 km
  • Thunthota bathing pool – 28 km
  • Katugas Ella Waterfall – 30 km
  • Bolthumbe Waterfall – 30 km
  • Ranmudu Water Fall – 30 km
  • Dumpus Ella – 31 km
  • Balangoda Ella – 31 km
  • Thippale Ella – 31 km
  • Thepulangoda Waterfall – 34 km
  • Rajanawa Waterfall – 34 km
  • Galpoththawa Ella Falls – 37 km
  • Mapalana Ella Falls – 39  km ➡ 
  • Alupotha Ella Falls – 40 km


Alupola Waterfall Details

Country Sri Lanka
Province Sabaragamuwa province
District Ratnapura
Road details Ingiriya > Ratnapura > Wewalwatta
Elevation 1140m
Waterfalls height 68 m
Camping Yes
Swiming Yes

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