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Alupola Falls in Ruwanpura

Alupola Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ruwanpura.
It is the most beautiful road from Ratnapura to Balangoda, passing Wewelwatta – Rassagala, passing Wewelwatta town for about 3 km.


Travel Time

3 Hours 30 Minutes


68 m



This waterfall is called Alupola Falls based on the name of the Alupola estate where the waterfall is located. Among the large and small waterfalls found in the vicinity of Ratnapura,
this waterfall is 68 meters (238 feet) high and falls in several sections to attract the attention of tourists.

Credit: @didz_u_dilshan

During the rainy season at the Sri Pada site, you can see the most fertile streams flowing here. The beauty of the eye-catching waterfall as well as the blue water pool below brings an unmistakable cool invitation to the visitors .

Credit: @dil_zenu

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