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Beruwatta Falls Ratnapura (2024 Best Guide)

 Enjoy yourself in the captivating beauty of Beruwatta Falls – Ratnapura, where falling waters imitate the flowing waves of a woman’s white hair. This magnificent waterfall is a must-visit location for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike due to its amazing attraction.


Beruwatta Falls is one of the most captivating waterfalls in the area, and it is located right in the center of Ratnapura. Beruwatta Falls is a beautiful waterfall produced by Rakshagala mountain’s streams. The cascading waters pass through the streams of Alupola and Rawula before joining the Kalu Ganga near Malwala.



Travel Time

3 Hours 30 Minutes


50 m



Where is Beruwatta Falls located in Sri Lanka?

The Beruwatta falls is located close to Wewelwatta village in the centre of Ruwanpura. This beautiful waterfall is about 30 kilometers away from Ratnapura town

How to visit Beruwatta Falls?

Beruwatta Falls route:

  • Start from Ratnapura Town and travel through Wevelwatte to reach Balangoda.
  • Continue traveling until you arrive in the Balakotunna village.
  • As an alternative, move in the direction of Balangoda from the Wevelwatte intersection.
    Continue driving for another 500 meters or so after the 1 km marker from Wewelwatte.
  • Keep an eye out for a little white house, which is the only structure pointing to the waterfall’s location.
  • There is a pathway that is just barely visible next to the white home.
  • Start off on the flat-landing trail that will take you to your destination.
    Continue on the route that runs along the stream that forges the stunning Beruwatta Fall
  • The distance from the main road to the waterfall is approximately 100 meters.

Please be aware that the waterfall is not marked on the road with any indications, and that the road itself offers no view or sound of it. You can consider the white house and the trail as markers to direct you to the captivating Beruwatta Falls.

Can I hike at Beruwatta Falls?

The waterfall is conveniently positioned near the main road, so there is no need for a long hike. Visitors may easily reach and enjoy the waterfall’s magnificent environs with a short stroll of less than 30 minutes.

Can I swim at Beruwatta Falls? 

Swimming is not advised in the magnificent pool created beneath the waterfall due to its depth of around 15 feet. Swimming is dangerous in this area due to safety issues.

Can I camping on Beruwatta Falls? 

Unfortunately, there are no designated camping areas available in this location.


Beruwatta Waterfall Details

Country Sri Lanka
Province Sabaragamuwa Province
District Ratnapura
Road details Ingiriya > Ratnapura > Galabada > Wewalwatta
Elevation -
Waterfalls height 50 m
Total width -
Watercourse Small streams that start from Rakshagala mountain

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