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Devon Falls Nuwara Eliya (2024 Best Tour Guide)

Discover the enchanting beauty of Devon Falls, a stunning attraction located in the nearby St. Clair Falls, within the scenic landscapes of Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. Plan your visit and let the beauty of Devon Falls captivate your senses. 


Get ready to be impressed by Sri Lanka’s breathtaking Devon Waterfall!
This waterfall is the most famous among tourists coming to Nuwara Eliya because it is located very close to the main road.

The height of the falls is about 97 meters (318 feet). The waterfall height is ranked 19th place among the waterfalls in Sri Lanka.


Travel Time

4 Hours 30 Minutes


97 m


Nuwara Eliya

Where is Devon Falls located in Sri Lanka?

This is a very beautiful waterfall located in the Dimbula area of Nuwara Eliya District, Sri Lanka, very close to St. Clair Falls. 

The falls are formed by a tributary of the Kothmale Oya, the Mahaweli River. The waterfall is located at an elevation of 1,140 meters (3,740 ft.) above sea level.

This Falls, also known as (Vale of the Valley), was given the name Devon by an English coffee grower since his coffee plantation was near the falls. The surroundings of the falls are currently filled by a beautiful tea estate, which provides charm and beauty to the area.

Devon Falls in Nuwara Eliya - Waterfall

How to visit Devon Falls?

There are several ways to approach this waterfall

  • Hatton to Nuwara Eliya
  • Nawalapitiya to Dimbula

It can be reached from Nuwara Eliya by road to Talawakele.

  • 7 km from Thalawakele
  • 30 km from Nuwara Eliya

This stunning waterfall may be seen when driving along the main road. A stone platform has been creatively developed near the Devon Holiday Bungalow on the A7 to give a vantage point for appreciating the majesty of this beautiful waterfall. This lovely waterfall attracts a large number of tourists and visitors and serves as the beginning point for many unforgettable adventures.


Credit: @tharuu._

Best Time to Visit Devon Falls

The monsoon season, which lasts from May to September, is the best time to explore Devon Falls, Sri Lanka. The waterfall is at its most stunning during this season, with a powerful and tremendous flow. However, be in mind that heavy rain may impair accessibility and visibility.

Can I hike at Devon Falls? 

While there are no designated hikes at Falls, you may walk roughly 100 meters from the main road to the top of the waterfall. It is extremely difficult to reach the bottom of the waterfall, and it is not recommended because few deaths have been reported around this waterfall.

Can I swim at Devon Falls? 

Swimming at this waterfall is highly not recommended due to multiple unfortunate deaths. The best approach to appreciate the amazing beauty of Devon Falls is from vantage points conveniently established along the main roadways.

Can I camping on Devon Falls? 

Unfortunately, there are no proper camping locations at Waterfall, making camping here impossible. As a result, setting up a camp at this waterfall is not feasible.

What are the nearby locations of Devon Waterfall?

The best 11 places to visit nearby Devon Falls

All other nearby places

  • Devon falls top view point – 0 km
  • Poonkanda Ella Falls – 1 km
  • Mount Vernon Waterfall – 1 km
  • Devon falls closer view point – 1 km
  • Devon Waterfall View Point 2
    – 2 km
  • Kotagala Tunnel – 3 km
  • St. Clair Viewing Gallery – 4 km
  • St Clair View Point 2 – 4 km
  • Upper Devon Falls – 5 km
  • Upper Kothmale Dam – 7 km
  • Singamalai Tunnel No.14 Kotagala End – 9 km
  • Hatton Sripada View Point – 11 km
  • Great Western Camping site – 13 km
  • Singamallei peak – 15 km
  • Singamalai Tunnel Hatton End – 15 km


  • Edinburgh view point – 23 km
  • Rosa falls – 25 km
  • Parakumpura Ella Falls – 29 km
  • Victoria Park – Nuwara Eliya – 29 km
  • Galwala Ella Falls – 31 km
  • Kande Ela Reservoir – 32 km
  • Shanthipura View Point – 33 km
  • Ambewela Farm Ground – 35 km
  • Pidurutalagala – 37 km
  • Bomburu Ella Waterfall – 44 km



Devon Waterfall Details

Country Sri Lanka
Province Central province
District Nuwaraeliya
Road details Colombo – Nawalapitiya – Dimbula -Devon Falls
Elevation 1140m
Waterfalls height 97m (318ft)
Total width -
Watercourse Kothmale Oya
Camping No
Swiming No

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