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Duwili Ella Falls Kalawana (2024 Best Guide)

 Experience the beauty of Doowili Ella – Kalawana Waterfall, nestled on the edge of Sri Lanka’s precious Sinharaja Rain Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Through this, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about Kalawana Falls before you go!


Travel Time

3 Hours


8 m



Where is Duwili Ella located in Sri Lanka?

Duwili Ella Falls is located near a small village called Kalawana Pitakale. The height of the waterfall is about 8 m, and during the rainy season, the waterfall is very wide and creates a foggy environment with water droplets that look like a dust cloud. It is said that this is the widest fall of the Sinharaja waterfalls.


How to visit Duwili Ella Falls?

This waterfall starts in the Vanilla Hills of Sinharaja and falls into the Pethiyakanda River, which joins the Kosgulana River, the Kukule River, and finally the Kalu River. On the Kalawana-Veddagala main road, you will come across the Sinharaja main entrance. After traveling about 5 km along that road, you will pass the entrance point to Sinharaja, enter the road on the left, and from there, you will reach the village of Pitakele, and after about 2 km, you will reach the falls. After descending about 200 feet from the main road, you will see a beautiful waterfall.

Duwili Ella Ticket Price

Pitakale Falls is located outside the boundaries of the Sinharaja Reserve and does not require a special permit or ticket to visit the falls.



Can I swim at Duwili Ella?

It depends on your swimming level. However, it is not recommended to swim under the falls or at a deeper level. This is ideal for bathing. There is a small cave at the bottom of the waterfall. In addition, there are plenty of shallow pools above and below the falls.


Can I camping on Duwili Ella Falls?

Since this waterfall is located at the edge of the Sinharaja rainforest, camping is not recommended, as it is not really safe.


Duwili Ella Falls Details

Country Sri Lanka
Province Sabaragamuwa Province
District Rathnapura
Road details Matugama > Kalawana > Kudumeeriya​ Aberdeen Falls
Waterfall height 8 m (26 ft)
Watercourse Vanilla Hills of Sinharaja

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