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Ella Odyssey – 2024 Best Scenic Train Journey in Sri Lanka

 The Ella Odyssey Train is a special train that runs between Colombo and Badulla in Sri Lanka, offering an unforgettable travel experience. With its luxurious seating arrangement, facilities, and stunning views of the island’s landscapes, it is a must-try for any traveller. In this article, we will show you how to book your tickets, what to see and do along the way, and why you should not miss this amazing adventure in 2024.


Ella Odyssey Train

Credit: @aga_on_the_run


10 H 30 M


Colombo to Badulla


Reservation Only


Thursday to Sunday

What is the Ella Odyssey Train?

The Ella Odyssey Train is a special train that was launched in 2023. This special train covers a distance of 292 km between Colombo Fort and Badulla and takes about 10 hours and 23 minutes. Also, the Odyssey train has three classes: 1st Class A/C, 2nd Class, and 3rd Class, with a total of 370 seats.

The Ella Odyssey train ride provides an unforgettable memory for a lifetime with its scenic views. As the train passes through the highlands, you can feel fresh, cool breezes from the open windows and enjoy your senses. Green bushes and tall trees covering the slopes attract you with bright green colors and a cloudy blue sky while the fresh mountain air refreshes you.

The train also stops at several tourist attractions along the route, such as the Horsetail Waterfall, the Adams Peak, the St Clair Waterfall, the Nine Arches Bridge, and the Demodara Loop. The train also provides commentary and information on the history, geography, and significance of the places it passes through.

E-ticket options are available for booking tickets that allow you to reserve your seat on this popular train easily. Don’t miss out on the chance to ride on this and discover the beauty of Sri Lanka from a new perspective.


Credit: @kasegasanov

Ella Odyssey Stops at View Points

This train ride not only provides beautiful views from your seat, but it also stops at numerous viewpoints along the journey, allowing you to walk outside and enjoy yourself in the beauty of your surroundings.



01. Horsetail Waterfall

One of the attractions of the train journey is the Horsetail Waterfall. As you travel along, after Navalapitiya train station, you’ll catch sight of the unique and magical Horsetail waterfall. This waterfall is a real treat for the eyes and can only be seen from the train tracks on the left-hand side. This is located between the Inguru Oya and Galaboda stations, and the best part is that you can enjoy the view from the comfort of your train seat.

02. Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak)

Between the Rozella and Hatton stations, there’s a special spot that offers a front-row view of the majestic Adams Peak. In the Sri Lankan community, this is considered as a sacred pilgrimage site.

04. Elgin Waterfall

This waterfall located in the Elgin Tea Estate, just about 18 kilometers away from Nuwara Eliya. This majestic waterfall stands tall at 25 meters and is named after the lovely town of Elgin in Scotland. The Elgin waterfall is located between the Nanu Oya and Ambewela stations

05. Summit Level

It is the highest point on Sri Lanka’s railway tracks. It’s 1,898.1 meters above sea level. When the train reaches this point, it starts going down to the lower sections of the country.

06. No 18 Tunnel /Summit Tunnel /Pattipola Railway Tunnel.

This beautiful No 18 Tunnel is located around 3 kilometers distant from the Pattipola train station. Also the tallest railway tunnel height of 1897.5 meters above the sea in Sri Lanka! It’s also one of the longest and darkest tunnels, measuring 321.95 meters. It creates the border between the districts of Badulla and Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka’s wet and dry zones.

07. Wind Break / Sulan Kapolla / Idalagashinna

This is recognized as Sri Lanka’s most beautiful railway station! It was constructed during the colonial period near 1893. This small station has only one platform. The train stops for around 10 minutes.

08. Kithal Ella Waterfall

This lovely waterfall, which stands 23 meters tall, is located between Heel oya and Ella. The waterfall is considerably more impressive during the wet season! The months of July and August are ideal for a visit. The Kithal Ella can only be seen from the railway rails

How to book the Ella Odyssey Train?

To reserve an online train ticket, you can follow these options: 

  1. Sri Lanka Railways official website 
  2. mTicketing
  3. Dialog Tickets

Alternatively, you can also diectly book your train ticket from the below railway station in Sri Lanka. Please note that train tickets can sell out quickly, especially during peak travel seasons (November to April), so it’s best to book in advance.

  1. Colombo Fort
  2. Maradana
  3. Gampaha
  4. Kandy
  5. Nwalapitiya
  6. Ella
  7. Nanu Oya
  8. Hatton
  9. Diyathalawa

Ella Odyssey Train Ticket Price 2024

1st Class

Colombo Fort Kandy Nanu Oya Ella Badulla
Colombo Fort - LKR 3000 LKR 4000 LKR 5000 LKR 5000
Kandy LKR 3000 - LKR 3000 LKR 4000 LKR 5000
Nanu Oya LKR 4000 LKR 3000 - LKR 3000 LKR 4000
Ella LKR 5000 LKR 4000 LKR 3000 - LKR 2000
Badulla LKR 5000 LKR 5000 LKR 4000 LKR 2000 -

2nd Class

Colombo Fort Kandy Nanu Oya Ella Badulla
Colombo Fort - LKR 2000 LKR 3000 LKR 4000 LKR 4000
Kandy LKR 2000 - LKR 2000 LKR 3000 LKR 4000
Nanu Oya LKR 3000 LKR 2000 - LKR 2000 LKR 3000
Ella LKR 4000 LKR 3000 LKR 2000 - LKR 2000
Badulla LKR 4000 LKR 4000 LKR 3000 LKR 2000 -

3rd Class

Colombo FortKandyNanu OyaEllaBadulla
Colombo Fort-LKR 1500LKR 2000LKR 3000LKR 3000
KandyLKR 1500-LKR 1500LKR 2000LKR 3000
Nanu OyaLKR 2000LKR 1500-LKR 1500LKR 2000
EllaLKR 3000LKR 2000LKR 1500-LKR 1000
BadullaLKR 3000LKR 3000LKR 2000LKR 1000-

Ella Odyssey Train Schedule

The train runs on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and the schedule and stops may change depending on the demand and availability.

You can check the latest schedule and availability using:

  1. Sri Lanka Railways official website
  2. RDMNS.LK android app
  3. RDMNS.LK iOS app

From Colombo to Badulla

Every Thursday
Colombo Fort
05 30 AM
04 00 PM
Every Saturday
Colombo Fort
05 30 AM
04 00 PM

From Badulla to Colombo

Every Friday
09 15 AM
Colombo Fort
07 20 PM
Every Sunday
09 15 AM
Colombo Fort
07 20 PM

Ella Odyssey Railway Contact Numbers

You can contact the main railway stations below for any inquiries.

Colombo Fort Railway Station: +94 11 4 600 111

Kandy Railway Station: +0812 222 271

Nanu Oya Railway Station: +0522 222 873

Ella Railway Station: +0572 228 571

Badulla Railway Station: +0552 222 271

Ella Odyssey Railway Contact Numbers

You can contact the main railway stations below for any inquiries.

Colombo Fort Railway Station:

+94 11 4 600 111

Kandy Railway Station:

+0812 222 271

Nanu Oya Railway Station:

+0522 222 873

Ella Railway Station:

+0572 228 571

Badulla Railway Station:

+0552 222 271

Fill Your Tummy with Sri Lankan Yummies

At each station stop, local vendors come aboard the train, offering tempting Sri Lankan foods from savory samosas to sweet coconut treats, these local vendors bring a taste of Sri Lanka right to your cabin. You can savour the flavours of the island, all while enjoying the comfort and luxury of one of the world’s most iconic trains.

As you journey through the mountains, bushes, and waterfalls, the aroma of these delectable dishes will fill the air, adding another amazing feeling to your experience. 

Ella Odyssey – The Iconic Blue Train

Credit: @Original_Photograper_Unkown


  • First Class Air Condition – 5,000 Rupees Per Person (One way)
  • Second Class – 4,000 Rupees Per Person (One way)
  • Third Class 3,000 Rupees Per Person (One way)

First class with 176 seats with air conditioning, and a second class with 144 seats.

From Colombo to Badulla, passing through Kandy, Nanu Oya, and Ella.

1st Class AC – 5,000 Rupees Per Person (One way)

Yes, and you can find these things there: snacks, tea, coffee, and more.

You can’t directly book a window seat. But if you can book your ticket before 14 days, there will be a possibility to reserve a window seat.


Ella Odyssey Train Details

Train Name Ella Odyssey
Journey Duration 10 hours 30 mins
Available Classes 1st Class A/C (176 seats), 2nd Class (144 seats), 3rd Class (50 seats)
Number of Stops 21 max (Stations) 9 (Tourist attractions)
View Points Horsetail Waterfall view point – (2 minutes)
Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak) view point – (2 minutes)
St Clair Waterfall view point – (2 minutes)
Elgin Falls view point – (2 minutes)
Summit Level – (2 minutes)
No 18 Tunnel – (3 minutes)
Sulan Kapolla View – (3 minutes)
Kithal Ella Waterfall view point – (3 minutes)
Nine Arches Bridge – (10 minutes)
Route Map Colombo Fort – Gampaha – Veyangoda – Polgahawela – Rambukkana – Peradeniya – Kandy – Peradeniya – Nawalapitiya - Horsetail Waterfall View Point - Sri Pada (Adam's Peak) View Point- Hatton - St Clair Waterfall View Point - Great Western – Nanuoya - Elgin Falls View Point - Summit Level View Point - No 18 Tunnel View Point – Ohiya – Idalgashinna - Sulan Kapolla View Point – Haputale – Diyatalawa – Bandarawela - Kithal Ella Waterfall View Point – Ella - Nine Arches Bridge – Demodara - Hali Ela - Badulla
Ticket Price Range LKR 1500 - LKR 5000
Ticket Type Reservation Only
Traveling Days Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

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