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Ella Rock Hike (2023 Best Guide) Beauty of Sri Lanka

Looking for even more excitement during your trip to Ella? Don’t miss out on two must-visit locations: Ella Rock and Little Adams Peak/Mini World’s End! While they are two different places, both offer stunning views and unforgettable experiences.

For those looking for a challenging hike, Ella Rock is the place to be. So where is Ella located in Sri Lanka? It’s time to find out and start planning your tour of this unforgettable destination!


Travel Time

6 H


1,141 m



With breathtaking views and an unforgettable hike through Sri Lanka’s stunning landscapes, Ella Rock is a must-visit. Don’t forget to plan with all the essential details, including a map and information on the hike, camping, and climbing options available.
So, pack your bags and get ready for an exciting journey to Ella Rock!

What is Ella Rock

If you’re a nature lover, an adventurous spirit, or simply looking to add excitement to your life, visiting Ella Rock is a must-do activity in Sri Lanka! This magnificent mountain, located in the heart of the hill country, stands tall at a height of 1,141 m (3,743 ft.) above sea level, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

The Ella Rock hike is a challenging yet rewarding experience. To help you navigate the area, check out the “How to Reach Ella Rock” section and keep your camera ready for the ultimate photo opportunity at the Ella Rock viewpoint. For early risers, witnessing the Ella Rock sunrise is an absolute must-see, as the view will leave you in awe.

What is the best time to visit Ella Rock?

In the month from December to April

In the southern fringed of Sri Lanka’s central highlands, the protected summer season occurs from December to April. Therefore, this period is most suitable for travel. In other months, due to the rain, these rock plains become slippery.

How to get to Ella Rock?

There are two easy ways to reach mountain.

Travel by train

Colombo – Kithal Falls Railway Station – From near the railway station, the small road that rocks the falls

Travel by bus

Colombo – Bandarawela/Ella – Kithal Falls – The small road that rocks the falls from near the railway station


Credits: @helloitshollie

Can I hike at Ella Rock?

Why not! This hike is somewhat adventurous for beginners, but it is worth it!
While hiking, you can discover the stunning views of Ella and its beautiful hills. The hike is not greatly hard if you’re fit and enjoy walking. It usually takes around 4 hours, depending on your speed and time spent taking pictures and resting.


Here we will get you covered with a complete guide to hiking at Ella Rock!

Step 1: 
You can take a train that stops at Ella railway station. The train ride to Ella is an incredible experience in Sri Lanka. From the platform at Ella train station, turn left and walk along the train tracks. Although there are signs prohibiting walking on the rail tracks, it is still common to walk on them. However, you should be cautious and aware of the trains, as this is an active rail line. If a train approaches, make sure to step aside from the railway.



Step 2:
You need to walk for around 40 minutes along the train tracks; from Ella train station, turn left and walk on to Kithalella train station, then another 10 minutes on the train tracks until you see a small shop on the left side that sells juices and fruits. Take the left turn between 16 1/2 and 16 1/4. If you accidentally reach 16 1/4, backtrack since you have passed the turning point.


Step 3:

And here is the exact point you need to take the left turn; from there, you need to go around 400m and take a left, and then you can see the small bridge. After that, cross the bridge and walk through a tea plantation. Keep going; you are on the right path!


Step 4:

The path gets a bit steeper afterward as you walk through grass and forest. Take the left turn and ignore the signs, as they direct you in the wrong direction. From there, in about 30-45 minutes, you should get to the viewpoint. You can easily recognize it, as it’s somewhat crowded, and you may also come across some locals selling fresh juices.


Can I camp on Ella Rock?

Yes, exploring the camping area of Ella Rock is a beautiful experience amidst mist-covered woods and chilly air. However, if you plan to camp during the dry season, be cautious since wildfires are common in this area. Also, bring your water as no drinking water is available. Always be aware of your surroundings and avoid using plastic and polythene during your visit.


What are the nearby locations of Ella Rock?

The best 10 places to visit near Ella Rock

Ella Rock View Point

Kuda Ravana Ella

Little Adam's Peak View Point

Ravana's Cave

Nine Arches Bridge

Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory Tour

Ravana Waterfall

Upper Rawana

Pallewela Waterfall

Secret Waterfall

Nildiya Pokuna

Ellewala Waterfall

All other nearby places

  • Gotuwala Ella – 10 km
  • Kombukara Nature Pool and Secret Waterfall for Open Bath – 17 km
  • Porawagala Viewpoint – 9 km
  • Kinigama falls – 10 km
  • Ellatota Ella Waterfall – 11 km
  • Iron Bridge Obodaella – 12 km
  • Natural Pool Makulella – 13 km
  • Visari Water Falls – 22 km
  • Prabhawa Mountain Day Viewpoint – 20 km
  • Main Viewpoint Haputhale – හපුතලේ ප්‍රධාන නැරඹුම් ස්ථානය – 22 km
  • Lipton’s Seat – 23 km
  • Tonocombe Viewpoint – 25 km
  • Pilkington Point – 26 km
  • Millennium Viewpoint – 26 km
  • Habaraththaawa waterfall – 29 km
  • Dunhinda Waterfall – 30 km
  • Wewassa Top Division- View point – 38 km
  • Diyanagala Viewpoint – 41
  • Wewassa Ella Falls – 42 km
  • Diyaluma Falls – 46 km


Ella Rock Details

Name Ella rock
Location Ella (Kithal ella )
Trip types Hiking, Adventure, Nature walk
Best days to visit February, March, May, or June
Temperature 19°C - 24°C
Road details Colombo - Kithal Falls Railway Station - From near the railway station, the small road that rocks the falls
Public transport By train
Colombo - Kithal Falls Railway Station - From near the railway station, the small road that rocks the falls

By bus
Colombo - Bandarawela/Ella - Kithal Falls - The small road that rocks the falls from near the railway station
Special instructions Don't forget to carry enough water.
As it is a forested area, avoid lighting fires.
Avoid feeding wild animals.
It has a rough shape, be careful when taking pictures and walking around.
Avoid dumping waste into the environment.

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