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Explore Pidurutalagala Mountain: Full Guided Adventure

Do you want to visit the beautiful Pidurutalagala Mountain in Sri Lanka? Let’s walk you through how to get permission and what you’ll see at the top!

Welcome to Piduruthalagala, the highest mountain in Sri Lanka, also known as Mount Pedro! It stands proudly, reaching an impressive elevation of about 2,524 meters (approximately 8,281 feet) above sea level. This majestic mountain graces the Nuwara Eliya district, right at the heart of Sri Lanka. 

Due to its strategic location and height, the Piduruthalagala Peak hosts various telecommunications and military installations. It has become a vital communications hub for the region, keeping everyone connected and informed.

Tourists come to enjoy the breathtaking views from the mountains, especially in clear weather conditions.


Travel Time

8H - 9H


2524 m


Nuwara Eliya

Where is Pidurutalagala in Sri Lanka?

Piduruthalagala is located near Nuwara Eliya, a famous mountainous region of Sri Lanka known for its cool climate and scenic beauty. Nuwara Eliya is a popular hub for visitors exploring Piduruthalagala and the surrounding area.

How to Get Permission to Visit Pidurutalagala

To go up the mountain, you need permission. Call the Defense Ministry at +94 11 24 30860 a day or two before your trip. Ask if you can go up to Piduruthalagala.

They’ll send you an email with the info you need. Email them at to get these details. Make sure to check if they sent it by giving them a call. They’ll reply in 1-2 hours with a Word document and a PDF. Print these documents and show them at the mountain gate.

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Credit: @leakhi_jaya

How to Visit Pidurutalagala Mountain

You can only use a car, van, or jeep to go up Pidurutalagala. It’s about 6 kilometers from the checkpoint to the top. Remember not to stop on the way because there could be animals, and it’s not safe.

From Colombo to Pidurutalagala

You can access Nuwara Eliya through various transportation options, whether it’s by public transit or using your own vehicle. For more detailed information, be sure to follow our comprehensive Nuwara Eliya Travel Guide.

From Nuwara Eliya to Pidurutalagala

Once you reach Nuwara Eliya follow below route to get to Pidurutalagala

  • Nuwara Eliya Bus station > New Bazaar Rd > Sri Jayatilake Mawathe > Gemunu Mawatha > Piduratalagala Mountain Rd.

The View from the Top

When you’re going up, you’ll see fantastic views on a clear day: To the right, there’s Siripade and to the north, there’s Mandaram City and more.

At the top, feel the fresh air and enjoy the view. Don’t forget to visit the army canteen for a warm boiled roti. It’s pretty cold up there, so dress warmly and bring what you need for comfort. Take many pictures to remember your adventure and inspire others to go too!



Credit: @leakhi_jaya


Pidurutalagala Sri Lanka Details

Country Sri Lanka
Province Central province
District Nuwara Eliya
Road details Colombo > Nuwara Eliya > Pidurutalagala
Elevation 2524 m
Temperature °C 13° - 19°

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