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A forest fire in the reserve near the Nine Arch Bridge Ella Sri Lanka

Big Forest fire in the Fines Plantation Reserve

Someone started a big forest fire in the Fines Plantation Reserve near the Demodara Nine Arch Bridge in Ella. The fire is still burning a lot of the reserve, and it’s hard for the authorities to stop it. The Badulla Army Camp acted quickly to stop the fire from spreading to the Nine Arch Bridge area.

Now, there’s a risk that the fire might reach another part of the reserve that belongs to the Ella Police. They are all working together—the army, police, disaster management, and divisional secretariat—to control the fire.

It’s tough because the area is very dry, and the strong winds make it harder to stop the fire. Many trees and animals in the reserve have been damaged by the fire.

The Ella Police are looking for the person who started the fire on purpose. They want to catch them and make sure nothing like this happens again, so the environment and the animals stay safe.


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Large Forest Fire Near the Nine Arch Bridge |