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Experience the Thrill: Rome to Pompeii in Under 2 Hours with New High-Speed Train!

Route, travel dates and travel time of this train

This high-speed train line is conveniently located to visit the historical city of Pompeii, Italy.  This newest addition is reported to operate as a non-stop train from Rome to Pompeii only on the third Sunday of the month.  The train was initially launched on July 16.  The next service days will be on August 20, followed by September 17 and October 20 respectively.The train leaves Rome at 8:43 AM and returns at 6:40 PM.  This high-speed train saves you 30 minutes of time compared to a regular train.

Buying tickets for  high-speed Frecciarossa train 

Tickets for the high-speed Frecciarossa train service are available on the Trenitalia website.  Tickets are available for approximately €29.90 (or $33.47), but prices have yet to be confirmed.

Rail Europe’s President comments on this high-speed rail line. We are delighted that our long-term partner, Trenitalia, will build a new and direct high-speed line connecting Rome to the magnificent archaeological site of Pompeii,” says Bjorn Bender, President and CEO of Rail Europe. 

A brief introduction to Pompeii’s museums

Simultaneously, Pompeii reopened a local museum in 2021 that had been closed for four decades.  Tickets start at 19 euros (or $21) and can be purchased on the museum’s website.  Tourism site Visit Pompeii shares that many of the ruins can be visited in approximately four hours, so same-day train service can be used as a viable option for travelers looking to explore the area.

The weather in Italy during this time

Italy, along with much of Europe, has been hit by a major heat wave and the Italian Ministry of Health has issued a heat warning for tourists and locals visiting Italy for the summer holiday


Discover ancient wonders with ease! Hop aboard the new high-speed train connecting Rome to Pompeii in less than 2 hours.

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