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Reopened Diagama Trail in Horton Plains Sri Lanka

The Diagama Trail, which was previously closed but has now reopened on 28.10.2023, offers an opportunity to explore the diverse and beautiful natural world of Horton Plains Park in Sri Lanka. This trail goes through one of the most amazing and diverse places in the country, filled with many different plants and animals that you might not find anywhere else.

Horton Plains National Park is unique because it has different paths that you can walk on. The Diagama Trail is built on a road that was made a long time ago, which makes it easy for tourists to use bicycles or walk. It’s not a very steep road, only about 5 kilometers long. Along the way, you’ll see a lot of animals, plants, and beautiful landscapes.

Near the Diagama entrance, you can see the Agra Bopath Falls, which are a stunning sight. But be careful when going down, as it can be dangerous, and there are leeches around.

How to get in to Diagama Entrance?

You can get to the Diagama entrance by using public transport from places like Nuwara Eliya, Talawakele, and Hatton. However, the number of trips may be limited, and the road through Hatton Fordyce is not in good condition. The best route is through Talawakule, Lidula, Hall Brook, Mandrasi, Bopatthalawa to Diagama mini-market. Or, you can go from Nuwara Eliya through Lidula to Diagama, which is a recommended path. From there, you’ll have to travel about 7-8 kilometers on a slightly rough road. Bikes and jeeps are best for this part. You can also rent a Diagonal Cree wheeler, and there are toilet facilities at the entrance.

As you travel through the tea estates to Diagama East, you might find it challenging because there aren’t many signs, and communication can be difficult due to language differences. The local people may have different customs and attitudes compared to others in the area.

While you explore this beautiful place, remember that there are wild animals like tigers and wild boars around, so be careful and don’t act like you have complete freedom. Don’t pick plants or flowers, as this is not allowed and could lead to fines. Protecting the natural environment is very important. Don’t walk off the path or step on the grass.

One of the main reasons for not allowing vehicles or people to go off the path in parks like this is to protect rare plants and animals. These are very important and need to be kept safe. Please don’t harm the animals or throw plastic in the environment. Keep the park clean and respect the beauty of the Diagama Trail and Horton Plains Park.

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