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Laxapana Falls in Nuwara Eliya

126m high and 23m wide, Laxapana waterfall is the 8th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and the 625th highest waterfall in the world. This waterfall, which falls straight down horizontally, is a precious treasure for the city of Maskeliya as well as for the whole of Sri Lanka. According to the villagers, this waterfall was originally known as Vedda Siti Falls and with the beginning of the Laxapana hydropower project, it started to be known as Laxapana Falls.

Lakshapana Falls in Nuwara Eliya - Waterfall

Credit: @_.jana_ka._


Travel Time

3 Hours 30 Minutes


126 m


Nuwara Eliya

This waterfall is fed by the Maskeliya Oya and then this stream joins the Maskeliya Oya and Kehelgamu Oya to form the Kelani River and goes to the ocean. Many legends say that there is a secret tunnel between the Aberdeen waterfall and this Laxapana waterfall. This waterfall is located between Ginigathhena town and Maskeliya town and it is possible to reach this waterfall from both sides.

Lakshapana Falls in Nuwara Eliya - Waterfall

Credit: @madushanka_dk

The falls consist of a hard rock wall and there is a very deep pool of water at the point where the waterfalls. For this reason, bathing near this lake is not recommended. Also, there is a possibility that there will be an increase in water from time to time due to the actions of the hydroelectric power plant located above. There are two ways to easily reach both the top and the bottom of the Laxapana Falls. On the first road near the falls, you can reach the top of the falls when you go down a little near the name board and you can reach the lower part of the falls by coming back along the same road and going down about 700m. While traveling along the waterside road, you can see many beautiful ruins and you can also
see seven virgin mountains.

Lakshapana Falls in Nuwara Eliya - Waterfall

Credit: @milan_sach

Country Sri Lanka
Province Central province
District Nuwaraeliya
Road details Colombo – Kalugala junction (via kithulgala) – Kiriwaneliya -Laxapana Falls
Elevation 660m
Waterfalls height 126m (413ft)
Total width 23m (75ft)
Watercourse Maskeliya Oya

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