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Little Adams Peak Hike Ella (2024 Best Guide) Beauty of Sri Lanka

 Want to make your trip to Ella even more exciting? Don’t forget to visit Ella Rock and Little Adams Peak/Mini World’s End! These two places are a must-see and will give you amazing views and unforgettable moments.

If you’re into hiking and want a captivating view, make sure to check out Little Adams Peak. And if you’re wondering where Ella is located in Sri Lanka, it’s time to find out and start planning your tour of this incredible destination!


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Travel Time

6 H


1,141 m



Ella in Sri Lanka is the best tourist attraction for people who journey in Sri Lanka. Little Adams Peak is one of the unique tourist spots in Ella. The mountain is named Little Adams Peak because it bears a similarity to Sri Padasthana (Adams Peak), where the sacred footprint of the Buddha has placed during his journey to Sri Lanka. Little Adams Peak is easy to climb. The peak has a height of 1141m, and it takes about one hour to reach the top.

The main reason why Little Adams Peak Ella, Sri Lanka, attracts tourists is because of the experience of the Little Adams Peak hike and the opportunity to visit fascinating sights.

The Little Adams Peak in Ella, Sri Lanka, is surrounded by gently sloping hills with lush bushes, dense woods and a tea plantation which add to the picturesque appeal of the area when viewed from the summit of the mountain and count to the colorful beauty of this place.

Little Adam’s Peak enhances the natural beauty of Sri Lanka. Since the environment is well protected, air pollution is low, resulting in a high-quality and fresh air composition in this area.

Where is Little Adams Peak?

Little Adam’s Peak is located in the Uva Province, within the Badulla District of Sri Lanka. It is situated 40km northeast of Rathnapura and 32km southwest of Hatton. It is also known as the ‘Little Sri Pada’.

Ella is considered the heart of Sri Lanka’s tourism industry. This charming town is approximately 200km east of Colombo and sits at an elevation of 1,041m above sea level. The area is renowned for its biodiversity and pleasant climate, attracting tourists from all over. When visiting Ella, Sri Lanka, you will encounter numerous beautiful places apart from this as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Rock, Ravana Falls, and so on.


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How to get to Little Adams Peak?

There are various ways to get to Ella, including public transportation and personal vehicles. For further information, see our Ella Full Guide.

From Colombo

  1. By Bus – take a bus from Colombo to Badulla and drop off at Ella
  2. By Train – take a train ride from Colombo to Badulla and drop off at Ella Station
  3. By Car/ Bike / Tuk Tuk – through Colombo > Ratnapura > Haputale > Ella   Google Map Route
  4. By Car – Using Southern Expressway can reach to Ella less than 4 Hours  Google Map Route

From Galle or Matara

  1. By Bus – take a bus ride from Galle to Wellawaya, then Wellawaya to Ella
  2. By Train – take a train from Galle to Colombo, then Colombo to Ella
  3. By Car – Travel through Southern Express Highway, exit from Mattala, then Wellawaya to Ella  Google Map Route
  4. By Tuk Tuk / By Bike – Travel through Matara > Tangalle > Hambantota > Mattala > Wellawaya to Ella  Google Map Route

Credits: @anika_trum


Route Map from Ella to Little Adams Peak

On Foot

You can walk from Ella to  Little Adams Peak through Ella Passara Rd B113 and take the turn right on Ella Flower Garden Resort (walk toward Ella Flying Ravana Board)  Google Pin

By Bus

Take a bus from Ella – Passara Rd (Ella Passara Rd B113) and drop off from the Ella Flying Ravana Board  Google Pin and then go inside from there to Little Adams Peak.

By Car/ Bike/ Tuk Tuk

There are two main ways to enter Ella. 

  1.  If you are coming through Wellwaya Rd, take the right turn onto Ella Passara Rd.  Google Pin  Park your vehicle near the entrance.  Google Pin, There are several parking areas available for which you need to pay.
  2. If you are coming to Welimada Rd, take the left turn onto Ella Passara Rd.  Google Pin  

Hire a Tuk Tuk

You can hire a Tuk Tuk from Ella town, they will drop you at the nearest location to Little Adams Peak, and from there you can start your hike.

Ella Junction
Hike little Adams Peak Ella Sri Lanka FootSteps Tour 23
Little Adams Peak Parking Areas at Passara Rd
Little Adams Peak Entrance
Small trail signs along the road
Start your hike from here

Why Little Adams hike is interesting?

Little Adams Peak hike is a must-do thing in Ella. Most of the travelers who visit Ella during their journey, visit this hill since it is interesting due to several reasons.

  • Less time – less effort

Compared to the Ella Rock hike, this hike needs less effort. It usually takes around 1 hour, depending on your speed and time spent taking pictures and resting. From the entrance to the flying ravana area, there is a staircase carefully structured between the tea estate. Imagine how wonderful that is!


Credits: @julia_skv_


  • Two peaks

There are two peaks on the mountain, and most of the visitors are hiking up to the first week only. It is worth it if you can hike the second peak also since it gives a more scenic view of the beauty of the Ella Area.

Two peaks of the Little Adams Peak

Credits: @fiona_middeljans


  • Fascinating view

We are recommending hiking during sunset or sunrise 

Sunrise: The light of the sun falling on the ground through the mountain peaks is a beautiful sight mixed with the green environment. This view can be seen between 6.30 am to 10.00 am.

Sunset: The light of the setting sun, which has a golden brown color, blends in with the green environment from the slopes of the mountains. The best time to watch this beauty is between 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm.

  • 360° view

The 360-degree view one can see from the top of the hill. While hiking, you can discover the stunning views of Ella and its beautiful landscape view.


Credits: @sam_bramley


What is the best time to visit Little Adams Peak?

In the month from December to April

In the southern fringed of Sri Lanka’s central highlands, the protected summer season occurs from December to April. Therefore, this period is most suitable for travel. In other months, due to the rain, these rock plains become slippery.

All you need to know before you go Little Adams Peak hike

  • No need guide

You can reach the top of the hill without any support. This place is safe for solo traveling, as there are no attacking wild animals and the foot pathways can be easily found.

  • No entrance fee

There is no entrance fee to Little Adams Peak, but there are several activities conducted by Flying Ravana company. For those activities, you have to pay according to their rates if you wish to do those adventures.

  • Personal vehicle entry is not allowed

As private vehicles are not allowed in the Little Adam’s Peak premises, the Little Adam’s Peak can be reached by tuk-tuk from the entrance, but we recommend finishing the journey by walking from the beginning of the village. This is because you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding environment and eat at the local food stalls on both sides of the road. Also, this journey will take around 1 hour.

  • Parking Vehicle near the entrance

You can park your vehicle in the parking area, which is maintained by local shop owners around the parking area.

  • Local food vendors along the trail and hike

While going to see Little Adams Peak, there are various food and drinks on both sides of the road which helps you to go to see this peak without any difficulty.

  • Avoid using plastic and polythene during your visit.

Credits: @anastaszi

Little Adams Peak Adventure Activities

For adventure lovers, instead of getting a typical mountain experience, Ravana Adventures now takes you to a world of adventure with Sri Lanka’s fastest and longest zip line amidst the lush greenery of falls. Similarly, there are many other activities that are managed by Flying Ravana private company.  Some of them are given below,

  • Flying Ravana zipline.

This is the longest and fastest zip line in Sri Lanka. For those who love an adventurous experience, Flying Ravana Zipline will be a refreshing experience.

  • Ravana pool swing.

This is a recently added activity, you can enjoy the view of Ella hill areas sitting on a swing.

  • ATV ride.

People who come to the Ella Sri Lanka can also go on an ATV ride through muddy and dirt tracks with hills and slopes through tea fields, and jungles. You will also have the assistance of a tour guide on this ride to take care of your safety for this experience.

  • Abseiling

You can engage in this activity while enjoying the bird’s eye views between Ella Rock and Ravana Falls. For this, you are also allowed to get advice from experienced mountain climbing coaches.

  • Archery in flying Ravana.

The Ravana flying track is started for mountain biking with hills and slopes stretching for 3.4 km to give you one of safety amazing experiences.

  • Air Rifling.

Guided by a well-trained, friendly, and skilled team of experts, this activity is tailored to suit your needs with excellent targeting skills.

  • Climbing Tower.

Anyone from 5 years old and weighing between 20kg to 100kg, this activity can provide you with the skills of an intermediate climber as well as an advanced climber with all safety methods.

  • Ravana Mega Jump.

Anyone above the age of 12, weighing between 25kg and 120kg can experience this thrilling experience.

  • Tower Rappelling.

Anyone climbing the 40 feet tall tower must be over 16 years of age and weigh between 30kg and 90kg.

What are the nearby locations of Little Adam's Peak?

The best 11 places to visit near Little Adams Peak

Little Adam's Peak View Point

Nine Arches Bridge

Kuda Ravana Ella

Ravana's Cave

Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory Tour

Ravana Waterfall

Ella Rock View Point

Pallewela Waterfall

Secret Waterfall

Nildiya Pokuna

Upper Rawana

Ellewala Waterfall

All other nearby places

  • Gotuwala Ella – 3 km
  • Kombukara Nature Pool and Secret Waterfall for Open Bath – 10 km
  • Porawagala Viewpoint – 14 km
  • Kinigama falls – 15 km
  • Ellatota Ella Waterfall – 16 km
  • Iron Bridge Obodaella – 16 km
  • Natural Pool – 18 km
  • Tonocombe Viewpoint – 18 km
  • Visari Water Falls – 19 km
  • Habaraththaawa waterfall – 22 km
  • Prabhawa Mountain Day Viewpoint – 25 km
  • Dunhinda Waterfall – 27 km
  • Main Viewpoint Haputhale – හපුතලේ ප්‍රධාන නැරඹුම් ස්ථානය – 27 km
  • Lipton’s Seat – 28 km
  • Pilkington Point – 32 km
  • Wewassa Ella Falls – 32 km
  • Millennium Viewpoint 33 km
  • Wewassa Top Division- View point – 36 km
  • Diyanagala Viewpoint – 39
  • Diyaluma Falls 43 km


High of the Little Adams Peak is 1,141m and climbing this peak takes about 45min or one hour by safari vehicle and 2 hours on foot.

No. Entrance is free for hiking.

Little Adams Peak consists of two peaks and is 1,141m high.

The time during December to April months

The peak is similar to Adams Peak.


Credits: @aneeshkr


Little Adams Peak Details

Name Little Adams Peak
Location Ella
District Badulla
Trip types Hiking, Adventure, Nature walk
Best days to visit December to April
Temperature 18°C to 28°C
Elevation 1141m
Entrence Fee Free
Hike 1 H

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