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Mandaram Nuwara: A Beautiful Destination in Sri Lanka

Are you ready to embark on Mandaram Nuwara enchanting adventure? Follow our guide, and let Mandaram Nuwara unveil its wonders to you!


Credit: @jezeelariff

Travel Time

8H - 9H


1250 m


Nuwara Eliya

History of Mandaram Nuwara

In the little village of Mandaram, there’s a big history hiding behind its quiet streets. The village has an old book called Mandarampura Puvata with 866 verses, telling stories about eight kings who ruled Mandaram for 200 years, from King Sitawaka Rajasingha to King Keerthi Sri Rajasingha.

Mandaram has always been a safe place. When enemies attacked the kingdom of Kandy, the kings ran to Mandarampura to stay safe. They didn’t come alone – the king, queen, and palace women brought all kinds of treasures like gold, silver, pearls, and gems with them.

Whenever there was a war in Kandy, and the kings couldn’t face it, they brought their valuable things to Mandaram Pura for protection. But, except for a place called Maligathenna, there’s no proof that the kings actually lived in Mandaram Pura. It’s like a mystery waiting to be solved.

How to Visit Mandaram Nuwara

From Kandy, follow the road through Rikilagaskada and Haguranketha until you reach Padiyapalalla. Turn at the Elamale junction, and after about 11 kilometers, you’ll reach Mandaram City.

Places to Visit at Mandaram Nuwara

1. Kolapathana Falls

During the reign, a goddess named Malsara came to see the waterfall, wrapped rice in a leaf and left the leaf there. In Sinhala language leaf is named as Kolapatha Since then, the waterfall that left the leaf has been named Kolopathana Falls.

All you need to know before going to Kolapathana Falls

  • There is a path constructed to reach Kolapathana Falls
  • A ticket should be taken to visit the Kolapathana Falls. Ticket price is LKR 100.00 for local adult and LKR 650 for tourist adult.
  • Tickets are issued from 8.00 am to 5 pm.
  • Bathing and going down from the waterfall is prohibited.

Kolapathana Waterfall Entrance Ticket Price

  1. School student with uniform – LKR 10.00
  2. Local child – LKR 50
  3. Local adult – LKR 100
  4. Foreign child – LKR 375
  5. Foreign adult – LKR 650

2. Kodi Ara Gala / Flag Style Stone

There is a very high mountain peak near the village. It is called Kodiakara Kanda. Otherwise it is also known as Kodiakara Gala. If you want to go there, you have to get permission.

  • Leeches abound.
  • Be careful as there are wasp nests.
  • Steep ascent as well as steep descent.
  • Avoid traveling without the assistance of a villager or a known person
  • Some of the villagers who go to guide to climb the mountain charge Rs.2000-3000.

3. Beragahana Ella

According to the villagers, the sound of a drum can be heard from this waterfall and since the distant past, it is called the drumming waterfall.

  • One should walk a long way on the road leading to Kodi Ara Gala and turn around and walk to the other side through the forest.
  • There is no road. You have to go through the forest.

Credit: @ajanth.v

4. Kollangala

After going to the village, when you look around, there is a rock that looks special. A large rock called Kollangala has a human image carved in one direction. Even today, Mandaram citizens believe that the human figure engraved in this rock called Kollangala is holding out its hand towards the treasure. But no one has found the treasure yet.

Tips to travel Mandaram Nuwara

  • You can easily get to Mandaram by taking the road through Rikillagaskada and Haguranketha from Nuwara Road, but the route through Nuwara Eliya and Kandapola is the prettiest. It’s about 40 km from the outer part of Kandy, and the journey is not too tough.
  • You need special permission to camp in this area.
  • There are specific spots recommended by locals for bathing.
  • There are places to eat, though they aren’t fancy. It’s a good idea to plan ahead for a smoother visit. Please avoid being too loud, smoking, or drinking alcohol.
  • Most people come to Mandaram just for Kolopatana Falls, but there are many other beautiful places nearby that are often overlooked. Check out Kabaragala Falls, Ataniwala Falls, Rankotiabokka Viewpoint, Pear Farm, Kodi Ara Gala, and Bera Gahana Falls. Enjoy the beauty, but be sure not to harm it.


Pidurutalagala, Kolapathana Waterfall, Ramboda Falls, Upper Elamulla Ella, Kabaragala Ella.

No, bathing is prohibited as it is drinking source

LKR 100 for Local Adults and LKR 650 for Tourist Adults


Mandaram Nuwara Sri Lanka Details

Country Sri Lanka
Province Central province
District Nuwara Eliya
Road details Colombo > Kandy > Mandaram Nuwara
Elevation 1250 m
Temperature °C 13° - 19°

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