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Mapalana Ella Falls Ratnapura (2024 Best Guide)

 Feel the wonder of Mapalana Ella Falls, Ratnapura’s tallest waterfall! Immerse yourself in the midst of stunning nature and a peaceful atmosphere.

Here, we want to give you all the important information you need to know before you go to Mapalana Ella Falls in Ratnapura.


The lovely Mapalana Ella, also called Mapanana Ella, has been surrounded by medicinal plants. It is made up of three sections and is 141 meters tall. A watercourse that comes from either the Thoranabandigala or Kondagala in the Samanala mountain range feeds the waterfall. Downstream, this falls finally merges with the Kalu Ganga River. The impressive water flow during the rainy season produces a sound that can be heard up to 6 kilometres away, adding to the waterfall's attractiveness.

Travel Time

3 Hours


141 m



Where is Mapalana Ella Falls located in Sri Lanka?

The highest waterfall in the Ratnapura District and the fourth highest in all of Sri Lanka is Mapalana Falls. It is 141 meters high and situated in the Rathnapura Divisional Secretariat Division of the Rathnapura District. There are three sections of this fall.

Why it is named as Mapalana Falls?

According to legend, a nobleman by the name of "Mapa" would frequently take baths at this waterfall, sometimes even many times each day. As a result, the locals started referring to this location as "Mapa-Nana," or the location where Mapa takes a bath. The term "Mapanana Falls," which is also used for the waterfall, has grown in popularity over time

How to visit Mapalana Ella?

If you are visiting Mapalana Falls, here is the road map with directions

  1. Start at the Rathnapura - Siripagama road.
  2. Travel along the road for approximately 22 km.
  3. Look for the Mapalana Falls signboard or junction. 
  4. Take the turn towards Mapalana Falls, which is about 2 km from the Palabaddala Mahawatta junction.
  5. Continue on this road until you reach Mapalana Falls

Please remember that the easiest way to acquire accurate directions to Alupola Falls is to use Google map. Google Pin

What are the species at Mapalana Waterfall?

The area is rich in medicinal plants and giant trees such as,

  • Badulla
  • Kotasimbula
  • Lavania
  • Hora
  • Kelaniya
  • Venivelgeta
  • Asparagus
  • Gonu Ke Wel
  • Nelu
  • Rahanelu
  • Manuga
  • Kalanuga
  • Pelanga
  • Thelabo
  • Katakeliya and so on.

Also numerous animals species can be seen such as,

  • Deer
  • Elke
  • Sand Deer
  • Parrot
  • Squirrel
  • Rhinoceros
  • Wild Boar
  • Hare
  • Seagull
  • Leeches
  • Squirrels
  • Hawksbills
  • Cobras
  • Telissa
  • Venomous spiders
  • Caterpillars
  • Oysters

Can I hike in Mapalana Ella Falls?

Yes, the hike to Mapalana Falls is not too difficult. You can enjoy the hiking here, but always be aware of your surrondings as this fall is surrounded with several venomous animal species. Also leave only your foot steps, bring whatever other belongings and protect this wonderful place.

Can I swim at Mapalana Ella Falls? 

You can enjoy waterfall views while swimming in the falls, but always keep in mind the water level. And it is not recommended to reach the deep areas of the falls.

Can I camping on Mapalana Falls?

There is no proper camping area at the waterfall, and camping is not recommended due to the sudden increase in the water level.

Credit: @pasindu_lucky

What are the nearby locations of Mapalana Waterfall?

The best 9 places to visit nearby Mapalana Falls

All other nearby places

  • Dikwala - 6 km
  • Iduru Ella natural Swimming pool - 9 km
  • Thunthota bathing pool - 17 km
  • Aanda Ella Fall - 21 km
  • Kunissan ella - 23 km
  • ඉලපත් ඇල්ල ilapath ella - 23 km

  • Kunu Diya Parwathaya, කුණු දිය පව්ව - 16 km
  • Sudagala Ella (සූදගල ඇල්ල) - 28 km
  • Katu Kithul Ella Falls - 31 km
  • Madanagiri Ella (Mohini Ella) - 32 km
  • Madanagiri Ella (Mohini Ella) - 33 km
  • Pandioya Ella Falls - 33 km
  • Rikidi Falls - 34 km
  • Sannasi ella - 34 km
  • Alupotha Ella Falls - 34 km
  • Hathbamba Ella Waterfall - 35 km
  • Haldola Ella waterfall - 40 km
  • Marakkala Ella Falls (Kaluwala Ella) - 40 km
  • Lihiniyan Kelina Ella Falls - 40 km
  • Rajanawa Waterfall - 40 km
  • Demala Ella - 41 km
  • Kiribathgala Mountain - 44 km
  • Kirindi Ella Waterfall - 47 km
  • Kasimani Waterfalls - 47 km


Mapalana Waterfall Details

Country Sri Lanka
Province Sabaragamuwa Province
District Rathnapura
Road details Colombo – Ratnapura – Gilimale - Mapanana Falls
Elevation -
Waterfalls height 141m (463ft)
Total width -
Watercourse Kondagala
Camping No
Swiming Yes

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