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Discover the Fascinating Munneswaram Temple in Halawatha

The cultural and religious environment of the Hindus is full of many colorful and attractive things. It is a beautiful place to look at Halawatha Munneswaram Temple. From Halawatha/Chilaw Town, about one kilometer towards Kurunegala, you will find the historic Munneswaram Temple.

Munneswaram Temple in Halawatha Sri Lanka FootSteps Travel

Credit: @ami_maze


Travel Time



10 ft



Valmiki’s Ramayana has also written about the Munneswaram kovil. Ravana worshiped at Munneswaram while abducting Sita. It is believed to belong to 1000 BC. In 1517, Pandit Parakramabahu, the scholar of Kalikala literature, was cured of an illness by the king’s youngest prince who surrendered to Munneswaram temple. Sannasakin gave many villages to the temple.

But the Portuguese destroyed this temple. It is said that the statues were bigger and bigger than this. They broke the figures and burned them. 

Actually, the Munneswaran kovil is a symbol of coexistence. Because I say that, Catholic and Buddhist devotees come here more than Hindus.

Here I saw another beautiful thing. Dogs, cats, goats, and cows, who are homeless, have taken the temple grounds as their shelters. Like every travel, the baby cows that are left in the bags made many friends. There are also many beggars. 

If you are coming from Colombo, you can come to Chilaw on Puttalam Road, and after about a kilometer from Chilaw on Kurunegala Road, you can see the Munneswaram temple.

Munneswaram Kovil in Halawatha Sri Lanka FootSteps Travel

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5.30 AM TO 8.00 PM everyday.


Munneswaram Temple Chilaw Sri Lanka Details

Country Sri Lanka
Province North Western Province
District Chilaw
Entrence Fee Free
Elevation 3 m
Temperature °C 28° - 30°

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