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Nine Arch Bridge in Ella (2024 Full Guide) Sri Lanka

  Visit Sri Lanka’s amazing Nine Arch Bridge – Ella a famous spot to take pictures. It’s a special place where history and beauty come together. The bridge has nine big arches that tell stories from a long time ago.

Here, we will cover you all the important information you should know before you go to the Nine Arch Bridge.

Travel Time

6 H


1,141 m



Route from Colombo

Avissawella > Rathnapura > Balangoda > Ella (By Bus)

Colombo > Kandy > Ella (By Train)

Colombo > Southern Highway > Ella (By Car)

What is the Nine Arch Bridge?

The Nine Arch Bridge in Ella is a one of the popular tourist attraction places in Sri Lanka. The bridge is famous because it is built with 9 arches in British colonial period using rocks and bricks, also there is a railway on the bridge, and it is still functioning. It has an old British architectural look that people find fascinating. The bridge is 300 feet in length, 25 feet in width and 80 – 100 feet in height.

This is located in between the Ella and Demodara railway stations. The bridge also known as the “Bridge in the Sky” since it was constructed by connecting to the Big Mountains when building the Badulla to Colombo railway.

Where is the Nine Arch Bridge?

The Nine Arch Bridge is located in the Badulla District between Ella and Demodara railway station.

Ella is one of the major tourist attractions places in Sri Lanka. The meaning of “Ella” is a waterfall and the town stands up to its name due to the many waterfalls found in and around the area.

Ella is a simple town in Uva province, approximately 200km east of Colombo and at an elevation of 1,041m above sea level. The area is rich in biodiversity. The falls are surrounded by mountains covered with cloud forests and tea plantations. The city has a cooler climate than the surrounding lowland due to its elevation. 


Credit: @stephi_lk

Best Time to Visit Nine Arch Bridge

During the January to May season is the best time to visit Nine Arch Bridge when there is low rain and the best scenic view with a clear blue sky and lush greenery.

If you can reach the bridge before 9 AM you can enjoy the fascinating view of sunrise at Nine Arch Bridge and take perfect photographs of the sun bathing the rail tracks and bridge. Also, at this time, there is less crowd.

Nine Arch Bridge Train Time Table

The Nine Arch Bridge is a functioning railway which runs trains on following times. 

  • 9:30

  • 11:30

  • 15:30

  • 16:30

  • 17:30 

This time can be varied due to several reasons. Since that always be aware if you are on the railway.


Credit: @waypointofview

How to get to the Nine Arch Bridge?

There are several ways to reach Ella using public transport or personal vehicles. Visit our Ella Full Guide for more information.

From Colombo

  1. By Bus – take a bus from Colombo to Badulla and drop off at Ella
  2. By Train – take a train ride from Colombo to Badulla and drop off at Ella Station
  3. By Car/ Bike / Tuk Tuk – through Colombo > Ratnapura > Haputale > Ella   Google Map Route
  4. By Car – Using Southern Expressway can reach to Ella less than 4 Hours  Google Map Route

From Galle or Matara

  1. By Bus – take a bus ride from Galle to Wellawaya, then Wellawaya to Ella
  2. By Train – take a train from Galle to Colombo, then Colombo to Ella
  3. By Car – Travel through Southern Express Highway, exit from Mattala, then Wellawaya to Ella  Google Map Route
  4. By Tuk Tuk / By Bike – Travel through Matara > Tangalle > Hambantota > Mattala > Wellawaya to Ella  Google Map Route

Route Map from Ella to Nine Arch Bridge

On Foot

There are main four ways to reach Nine Arch Bridge by walking. 

  1. You can walk from Ella to Bridge, through Little Adams Peak Road (Ella Passara Rd B113) and take the turn on Nine Arch Bridge Path    Google Pin
  2. Walk on (Ella Passara Rd B113) and take the opposite down direction from Flying Ravana Entrance  Google Pin
  3. Walk on the rail lines from Demodara station to bridge
  4. Walk on the rail trail from Ella station to bridge

By Bus

There are specific two ways to reach the location by bus,

  1. Take a bus from Ella – Passara rd (Ella Passara Rd B113) and drop off from the above 1 or 2 options on foot and take the direction from there to bridge.
  2. Take a bus from Ella – Passara rd and drop off from the Nine Arch Bridge Jungle Rd   Google Pin and walk on there / hire a tuk tuk

By Car/ Bike/ Tuk Tuk

Travel through Ella – Halpe rd and follow the direction on  Google Map Route

Hire a Tuk Tuk

You can hire a Tuk Tuk from Ella town, they will drop you on the nearest location to the bridge, from there you can walk to the Nine Arch Bridge.

Why Little Adams hike is interesting

There are various viewpoints to view the Nine Arch Bridge. Among them, there are three excellent viewpoints.


Credit: @bubiczlbn

  1. South End:

If you are going to the Nine Arch Bridge to watch the sunrise. It is best to look from the end closest to the tunnel, the south end. This is a great place to watch the valley light up as the sunrises behind the mountains. There is also the beautiful curve of the bridge in front of the place.


Credit: @dinafelde

2. The Northern End Of The Tea Estate:

The northern end of the bridge is most popular for viewing the beauty of the tea plantation close to the foot of the bridge.

3. The North End of The Bridge:

Go to the north end of the bridge or the side without the tunnel and go up the path to the right. You will pass the small building with a blue root and a lager opening. You can get cold drinks and enjoy the beautiful view from there.

All you need to Know before going to Nine Arch Bridge

Here are the tips to follow on your next trip to Nine Arch Bridge.

Safety Tips

  • Trains pass through the bridge frequently, so be aware of the train sound and vibration on the rails and leave the tracks.
  • There are no safety barriers on the bridge. This facilitates to capture wonderful pictures by sitting and standing on the edge of the bridge, but keep mind your safety first.
  • The surface can be slippery, specially after rainfall.
  • Keep in mind that the surrounding tea fields and jungle may have snakes and leeches.
  • Be aware of bees. If any bee attack happens, run in a straight line and find a secure enclosed space.

Electronic Devices

  • Currently, it is prohibited to fly drones around the bridge.
  • Be aware of mobile phones and cameras if you are using them at the edge of the bridge.
  • Avoid using headphones while on the rail line, as it can be risky since you won’t be able to hear the train’s sound.

What are the nearby locations of Nine Arch Bridge?

The best 11 places to visit near 9 Arch Bridge

Nine Arches Bridge

Little Adam's Peak View Point

Kuda Ravana Ella

Ravana's Cave

Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory Tour

Ravana Waterfall

Ella Rock View Point

Pallewela Waterfall

Secret Waterfall

Nildiya Pokuna

Upper Rawana

Ellewala Waterfall

All other nearby places

  • Gotuwala Ella – 3 km
  • Kombukara Nature Pool and Secret Waterfall for Open Bath – 10 km
  • Porawagala Viewpoint – 14 km
  • Kinigama falls – 15 km
  • Ellatota Ella Waterfall – 16 km
  • Iron Bridge Obodaella – 16 km
  • Natural Pool – 18 km
  • Tonocombe Viewpoint – 18 km
  • Visari Water Falls – 19 km
  • Habaraththaawa waterfall – 22 km
  • Prabhawa Mountain Day Viewpoint – 25 km
  • Dunhinda Waterfall – 27 km
  • Main Viewpoint Haputhale – හපුතලේ ප්‍රධාන නැරඹුම් ස්ථානය – 27 km
  • Lipton’s Seat – 28 km
  • Pilkington Point – 32 km
  • Wewassa Ella Falls – 32 km
  • Millennium Viewpoint 33 km
  • Wewassa Top Division- View point – 36 km
  • Diyanagala Viewpoint – 39
  • Diyaluma Falls 43 km


Nine Arch Bridge Details

Name Nine Arch Bridge
Location Ella (Between Demodara and Ella )
District Badulla
Construction end 1921
Elevation 1141 m
Temperature °C 19° - 25°
Lenght 300 ft
Width 25 ft
Height 80 - 100 ft
No. of spans 9
Trip types Nature walk
Best days to visit January, February, March, April, May,
Special instructions Be aware of trains and bees
Take care of your cameras and phones when using edge of the bridge
Avoid dumping waste into the environment
Drones not allowed

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