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Pixel Bloom at Colombo Lotus Tower is Launched

Pixel Bloom is South Asia’s first immersive and interactive digital art experience, located at the iconic Colombo Lotus Tower in Sri Lanka.

Pixel Bloom Colombo Lotus Tower ticket prices

Here are the ticket prices as of May 9, 2024:

Local visitors

Observation Deck + Pixel Bloom:

  – Adult: Rs. 650

  – Child: Rs. 400

Pixel Bloom Only

  – Adult: Rs. 350

  – Child: Rs. 200

Foreign Visitors

Observation Deck + Pixel Bloom:

  – Adult: $20

  – Child: $10

Pixel Bloom Colombo Lotus Tower Open Hours

The tower is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 9 PM, and on weekends from 9 AM to 10 PM.

Things to do at Pixel Bloom in Colombo Lotus Tower

Here’s what to expect inside Pixel Bloom:

  1. Introduction Screen: The experience begins with an informative display about the Colombo Lotus Tower. 
  1. Colombo Chronicles: The first room takes you through an animated story of Colombo’s founding and development. 
  1. Beyond the Map: This room features an introductory video in cartoon format, highlighting must-visit places in Colombo. 
  1. Pixel Kaleido: Interactive touch buttons in this room let you trigger various sounds and light displays for a unique sensory experience. 
  1. Flutter Scape: Here, you’ll find a captivating video background that enhances the immersive experience. 
  1. Neon Jungle: Perfect for kids, this room has walkable tiles with pictures of animals. Step on a tile, and the corresponding animal’s actions and sounds are projected on the screen. 
  1. Pixel Fusion: Equipped with sensors, this room reacts to your movements, creating dynamic digital art on the screens.

Things to do at Colombo Lotus Tower

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