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Unlocking Boundless Adventures: Singapore’s Best Passport for Global Travelers

Embark on Limitless Adventures with Singapore Best Passport!

Henley Passport Index reveals 190 Visa-Free Destinations for Singapore Citizens, making travel a breeze!

Singapore citizens are granted visa-free access to 190 destinations according to the Henley Passport Index. The World Index ranks these permits according to the number of destinations to which holders of the permits can travel without a visa. Also tied for 8th most powerful in the world, including Lithuania, the US passport now has access to visa-free access to 184 destinations. Brophy notes that the United States has seen a decade-long decline in passporting power. A US passport currently provides visa-free access to 12 more destinations than in 2013. Meanwhile, a Singapore passport has gained visa-free access to another 25 destinations over the past 10 years.

And United Airlines serves the most popular travel destinations in the Asia Pacific region. The Chicago-based carrier serving the region on Tuesday announced the launch of three new routes. Those routes include direct flights from San Francisco to Manila, as well as from Los Angeles to Hong Kong and Tokyo-Narita. United is the only US airline that flies nonstop to Manila. A company executive said demand for transatlantic travel is stronger. The new routes, which begin service in October, will reportedly make United’s transpacific network 50% larger than that of all other US airlines combined.

Finally, Thailand has created a major source market for tourism, increasingly targeting the Middle East. Thai authorities are aiming to attract 400,000 viewers from the region this year.

Saudi Arabia is expected to overtake the United Arab Emirates as Thailand’s largest market. Thailand expects to welcome 150,000 visitors from Saudi Arabia this year after resuming direct flights between the two countries. A little more than a quarter of visitors from the Middle East to Thailand in the first half of 2023 were from Saudi Arabia. A Thai official also said that flight schedules between Thailand and the Middle East are currently at 80% of pre-Covid levels.The Thai push to increase visitor numbers from the Middle East comes as Thailand expects tourist numbers from China, a major market for the country, to fall short of projections.

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Unlocking Boundless Adventures: Singapore's Best Passport for Global Travelers
Unlocking Boundless Adventures: Singapore's Best Passport for Global Travelers

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