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8 Things not to do in Bali Tour 2024

What We Wish We Knew Before Going to Bali 2024

When planning a trip to Bali in 2024, you must focus on the things not to do in Bali. It’s crucial to budget wisely, considering the deceptive currency difference and potential overspending. While the idea of floating breakfasts may seem charming, their practicality is questionable, warranting a re-evaluation of their necessity.

Be mindful of Bali’s traffic congestion, which can elongate travel times, especially for day trips, suggesting the consideration of overnight stays for distant destinations.

Pre-booking airport transport is recommended to avoid overwhelming taxi offers and potential scams upon arrival.

Accommodation choices, such as villa-pool combinations, should be assessed based on practicality, rather than merely aesthetic appeal, to ensure optimal use of resources.

Additionally, respecting local customs, refraining from drug use, and avoiding tap water due to health concerns are vital considerations for a smooth and enjoyable Bali experience.

The iconic gate in Bali Handara Gate Footsteps Lanka Travel

Credit: @balifolder

01. You think it’s cheap until you spend too much:

It’s so easy to get carried away with spends because the currency is so different you genuinely think you’re richer than you are, we did not budget at all for daily spends towards the end we had to reign it back in

Thing not to do in Bali - A hand holding a 50,000 indonesian rupiah banknote with a scenic coastal background that matches the imagery on the currency.

02. Floating Breakfasts:

As beautiful as they are there’re the most impractical things ever we had one in Ubud and Seminyak and these were prebooked with our hotels, in hindsight we only need one if any to be honest, we ended up taking our food out and eating it at the table after we took photos.

Thing not to do in Bali - A couple enjoys a floating breakfast in a pool with a scenic lush backdrop at Bali

03. Distances between places:

Traffic is bad and it takes a while to get around especially if your trips are couple hours drives away. We went on a day trip from Seminyak to Uluwantu and the drive was that long there and bac I wish we had just stayed a night so keep that mind when booking- staying overnight would have been much more time and money efficient.

Thing not to do in Bali - Indonesia's Best Travel Locations FootSteps Lanka Travel

04. Booking airport transport in advance:

We got bombarded with countless people offering their taxi services outside of the airport to our hotel and it was very overwhelming. After we found what we thought was the cheapest one it turns out if we had prebooked it then we would have saved a lot of money, either with your hotel, grab or recommended drivers etc. For airport travel, it’s worth getting a grab or Gojek and u won’t be scammed. coming from the airport into Bali u should head straight to the grab lounge and they’ll sort a taxi for you.

Thing not to do in Bali - Use Gojek or Grab for Taxi in Bali FootSteps Lanka Travel

Credit: @johnnyramli

05. We didn’t need a villa/pool combo twice:

We had this kind of accommodation in both Ubud and Seminyal for Ubud we adored it as we were amongst all the trees etc and we loed having a place to relax together and take in our surroundings but we definitely didn’t need it in Seminyak, we were so close to beach and spent time where there were pools anyways so it just wasn’t necessary. As beautiful as t was we could have spent that money elsewhere for sure.

Thing not to do in Bali - Villa pool combo hotels in Bali Best Travel Locations FootSteps Lanka Travel

Credit: @alfredinbali

06. Don’t use drugs:

The penalties and the fines and the imprisonment for doing drugs in Bali really high. They’re literally fighting like a war on drug. They also have sniffier dogs at load of popular clubs. So just think about twice.

Thing not to do in Bali - Party at Bali Best Travel Locations FootSteps Lanka Travel

Credit: @lonyx.bali

07. Don’t use your left hand:

This is considered really impolite in Bolognese culture. Left hand is considered like your toilet hand. When you shaking people’s hands or picking things up use your right hand.

08. Don’t use tap water:

It is hot so stay hydrated you must drink lot of water. But don’t drink tap water. It is no secret the water in Bali can make you sick.

Best Beaches in Bali Footsteps Lanka Travel

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