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All you need to know about Port City Colombo – 2024 Complete Travel Guide

Port City in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is developed on reclaimed land near Galle Face Green, featuring commercial, residential, and recreational spaces along the coastline. Travelers can partake in diverse activities, encompassing shoreline attractions and contemporary marvels.


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Where is Port City in Sri Lanka?

Port City is built on reclaimed land near Galle Face Green, a prominent Colombo promenade in the Colombo city. It reaches the Indian Ocean and is conveniently located near Colombo’s Central Business District. The project entails recovering land from the sea and developing a new area. This artificial property will be used for commercial, residential, and recreational purposes. Because of its proximity to the seaside, the Port City will include beach, recreational areas, waterfront attractions, and entertainment venues that will appeal to locals and tourists.

How to Visit Port City Colombo?

Port City Colombo is positioned close to Galle Face Green, and it has two primary entrances.

1. Port City Entrance 1 / Gate 1: Situated across from the Presidential Secretariat.

Only pedestrian pathways are permitted here; vehicles cannot enter. This entrance is used to access the Marina Promenade. The Port City open time is from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM for Port City entrance 1.

2. Port City Entrance 2 / Gate 2: located across from the parking lot of the Kingsbury Hotel.

This entrance allows access for four-wheel vehicles only, and motorbikes and tuk-tuks are not allowed. We must make a reservation using the Port City Mobile app prior to our arrival. Entrance 2 of the Port City is open from 7:30 AM to 8:45 PM.

Follow this section for Guidelines: How to Use Port City Mobile App?

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Things to do in Port City Colombo

The Port City, which is located beautifully along Colombo’s magnificent coastline, has quickly developed as a mesmerizing destination for both locals and tourists seeking outstanding experiences. Beyond its guarded borders lies a land of wonder waiting to be discovered. Within this background, we have carefully handpicked a variety of interesting activities, enabling you to immerse yourself in the heart of this extraordinary location.

The Port City project shines as a tribute to the city’s development as Colombo continues its dynamic expansion on various fronts. A portion of this project has now been revealed, providing a tantalizing glimpse into the diverse experiences it contains. The Port City urges you to go on a voyage of adventure and discovery, from the attraction of its shoreline to the contemporary marvels concealed within.


Top 10 Places and activities in Port City Colombo - Gate 2

Port City Colombo Artificial Beach

01. Port City Public Area / Artificial Beach

The Port City Colombo ticket price is free for the public area.

Port City’s public spaces are freely accessible to all, without any entrance fees. But prior to arrival, you have to make the reservation through the mobile app. This will issue a QR code, which will be scanned at the entrance. There are several restaurants inside the Port City public area.

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02. ATV 4x4 Experience

Experience the excitement offered by Colombo Dunes ATV Adventure Centre. There are three cool tracks to explore the sandy hills. If you’re new to this, Track A is perfect for beginners. If you’re a bit more experienced, Track B has some exciting, sharp turns. And if you’re a pro, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime on Track C, with its super steep slopes.

There are four packages catering to riders of different levels. Here’s what each package includes:

  1. ATV 450cc – Single Rider – Price: USD 44
  2. ATV 450cc – Rider and Co-Rider – Price: USD 54
  3. (Sri Lankan ID Local Special Discount) – ATV 450cc Single Rider – Price: LKR 7900
  4. (Sri Lankan ID Local Special Discount) – ATV 450cc – Rider and Co-Rider – Price: LKR 10650

Here are some important things to remember:

  • Duration is 15 minutes for any package.
  • Guests under 16 years old can ride with a staff guide.
  • If you’re a co-rider, you can’t drive.
  • Listen carefully to the instructions to keep the equipment and yourselves safe.
  • Don’t use any drugs or alcohol before the ride.
  • Alcohol is not allowed during the journey.
  • Please don’t throw trash on the trails.
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03. Club House

The Club house Port City Colombo stands as the premier water sports provider in Sri Lanka. Serving as Colombo’s inaugural, fully-equipped water sports center, The Club House offers a comprehensive range of aquatic activities.

Packages are listed below:

  1. Jet Skiing – Price: LKR 12000 | Duration: 15 Min | Attendees: Max 2
  2. Wind Surfing – Price: LKR 10000 Per Person | Duration: 1 Hr | Attendees: Max 10
  3. Speed Boat Rides – Price: LKR 20000 Per Boat | Duration: 15 Min | Attendees: Max 4
  4. Location Visit – Price: Free | Attendees: Max 5
  5. Water Skiing – Price: LKR 10000 Per Person | Duration: One Round | Attendees: Max 15
  6. Water Skiing Lesson – Price: LKR 20000 Per Person | Duration: 30 Min | Attendees: Max 15
  7. Canoeing – Price: LKR 4000 Per Person | Duration: 1 Hr | Attendees: Max 4
  8. Stand-up Paddle – Price: LKR 6000 Per Person | Duration: 1 Hr | Attendees: Max 5
  9. Tube Boat – Price: LKR 4000 Per Person | Duration: 1 Hr | Attendees: Max 4
  10. Sailing – Price: LKR 12000 Per Person | Duration: 1 Hr | Attendees: Max 5

Also make sure to, contact them before booking any activities and get detailed information.

Contact Details:

  • +94 76 7688 806
  • +94 74 2359 252
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04. Horse Riding

This is providing a great time riding horses or ponies on the beach at Port City. It doesn’t matter if you are new or really good – experts will be there to help you, and the horses are well-trained and friendly. 

You need to make a reservation to visit the stables. For pricing and other necessary information, you can contact them. 

Contact Details:

  • +94 76 4477 788
Private Sailing Cruises Port City Colombo

05. Private Sailing Cruises

People can rent a sailing yacht from Colombo Port City for their special events, parties, or just to have a good time on the ocean in Colombo. 

Just like always, remember to book a reservation before you visit. Please make sure to arrive 30 minutes early.

Price: USD 918

SpeedBay @ Port City Colombo

06. SpeedBay @ Port City Colombo

Speedbay @ Port City Colombo is located in the vibrant heart of Port City Colombo, Speedbay offers exciting karting activities. It’s a place for people seeking thrilling fun. Situated near the Beach Plaza Car Park, you can easily find it by following clear directions, just look for signs that say ‘Beach Promenade.’ This is also a part of the huge Colombo Mega Port City Project, Speedbay adds excitement to the city’s landscape. While you explore the amazing Port City Colombo with its big plan, don’t miss the chance to have high-speed fun. It’s located near the beautiful Port City Colombo Beach, offering both adventure and lovely views. They provide safety gear like helmets, gloves, and shoes to make sure you’re safe while enjoying the track.

The package information are listed below:

  1. Visit the track – Arrive before 1 Hr
  2. Standard Go-Karting – Price: LKR 3900 | Duration: 10 Min | Attendees: Max 1
  3. Double Deal – Price: LKR 7400 per person | Duration: 20 Min (10 minutes x 2) | Attendees: Max 2
  4. Triple Treat – Price: LKR 10500 per person | Duration: 20 Min (10 minutes x 3) | Attendees: Max 3
The Bay Golf Club Port City Colombo

07. The Bay Golf Club

The golf course stands out as one of the most attractive attractions on the island due to its amazing location along the Indian Ocean coastline, near to the Colombo Port City Marina.

It is advised that you go to the course with a group of buddies to have a good golfing experience. Whether you are a newbie to golf or a seasoned pro, you are sure to enjoy the game and have an unquestionably memorable experience at the range. You need to arrive before 10 min.

Below, you can find the details of the package offerings:

  1. Visit The Bay Golf Club – Arrive before 10 min
  2. Mini Package – Price: LKR 2000 Per Person | Play 50 balls
  3. Package1 – Price: LKR 3500 Per Person | Play 100 balls
The Beach Park Port City Colombo

08. The Beach Park

A welcoming spot for families and pets, the Outdoor Recreational Beach Park at Port City is ready to offer them a great time. They’re open from 11 am to 10 pm on Wednesday to Friday, and from 8 am to 10 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Booking for the Beach Park can be done through the mobile app before your visit. The current ticket price is LKR 1500. For more details, please contact them on WhatsApp at the Beach Park contact number: +94 75 7000 500.

For a refreshing swim in the ocean and exciting activities at the exclusive beach.

  1. Guided open water swimming.
  2. Beach volleyball
  3. Bouncers & trampoline
  4. Sea kayaking & kayak fishing
  5. Paddle boarding
  6. Kite surfing
  7. Doggie play area & a floating dock
  8. Food & Drinks

Places and activities in Port City Colombo - Gate 1

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09. The Port City Marina Promenade

The Port City Colombo Marina Promenade is the first major attraction in the megaproject that people can enjoy. This lovely place has 500 meters of beautifully designed walkway. It’s just one of the many places that will be open for everyone in Port City Colombo. They’ve set aside a big space of 91 hectares for the public. This includes 53 acres of green spaces, two kilometers of beach, and 14 acres for a big park. There are paths for walking, waterways, and ways to connect all the parks. The Marina Promenade is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and you can get in from a special entrance across from the Presidential Secretariat.

Port City Footbridge Port City Colombo

10. Port City Footbridge

Take a glimpse at the footbridge in Colombo Port City, situated in Sri Lanka. This bridge is a joint effort between the Sri Lankan Government and China. It spans a length of 80 to 130 meters and has gained significant popularity among tourists.

Travel Tips to Port City Colombo

  • There is no entrance fee to the Port City public area.
  • Only four-wheel vehicles are allowed to access the Gate 2 entrance. Two-wheel or three-wheel vehicles are not allowed at the entrance.
  • Prior to the visit, you must make a reservation to visit the public area or desired services, which will generate a QR code. At the main entrance, it will be scanned by the staff.
  • Payment should be made for any services that you selected to the service providers, not to the main entrance or any other staff.
  • In the public area, you can enjoy the beach at no cost, but for the beach activities, you have to pay the charge.
  • Always adhere to the rules and regulations.
  • When traveling, avoid scammers who are trying to pick you up and drop you off at a high cost.
  • You can hail an Uber or PickMe four-wheel vehicle to pick up and drop you off without any hesitation.

How to make a reservation for Port City Colombo?

Step 1: Download Port City App

The Port City Colombo mobile application is available on both Android and iOS. You can download it from there.

Download the app here: Android, iOS

Step 2: Create an Account and Login

Here, you need to enter your own information to the relevant fields and click on Register button.

This will send you an OTP for the entered mobile number. You need to enter that OTP in this field and click on Confirm. It will redirect you to Login screen.

Enter your registered mobile number and password to login to the application.

Note: Without creating an account, you can view the activities in PortCity and their details through Guest Login. But to book a service and enter Fort City, you have to create an account and make a reservation.

Step 3: Home Screen

Now that you've logged in to the application, you can view all the activities, manage your profile, and so on.

Step 4: View Packages

You can view the activities packages by selecting the activities, from the same pop up you can make a booking.

Step 5: Make a reservation

You can select the package from the desired activity, and then choose the number of items you need. According to that price will be calculated. Then click on Confirm button. This will be navigate you to the next screen.

Step 6: Make a reservation Contd..

Here you can select the date, change the item count, Select a time from available slots, add any attendees by searching through their NIC (for this, that person also needs to be registered to the Port City mobile app), and you can enter the vehicle number. Finally you need to click on Make Booking Button. This will navigate you to a new screen which shows Booking Summary.

Step 7: Booking Summary

After re checking the booking summary details you can click on confirm button to reserve your booking. It will sent for the approval.

Step 8: My Bookings

From this section, you can check your booking status and history. You can show your booking at Entrance 2 as a vehicle pass for entry into Port City. Parking will be available within Port City.

Rate Card For Videography/Photography In Port City

Photography or filming of Personal events, Birthday shoots, Wedding or Engagement shoots, Personal vlog video. 1-9 1-3 hrs Free of Charge
7-15 1-3 hrs Rs. 65,000
15-20 1-3 hrs Rs. 90,000
More than 20 1-3 hrs Kindly contact Port City for rates
Photography or filming of commercial advertisement, Product/ Brand promotions, Movie, Teledrama, Music video, TV show, Model shoot, Fashion portfolio shoot etc. 1 - 25 1-3 hrs Rs. 175,000
more than 25 1-3 hrs Variable
Drone photography For issuance of No Objection letter (This is an additional charge if one of the above packages are booked) - - Rs. 5,000

Application For Videography/Photography In Port City

Rules for Temporary Contractors

For more details:


No, but pre-reservation through Port City Mobile app is required for entrance.

Absolutely, several public areas are available.

two or three-wheel vehicles, or walking are not allowed in Gate 2.

Yes, there are public areas open for visit.

It is free, but you need to book free ticket through Port City Mobile app is required for entrance.

You need vehicle (Car, Jeep, Van, Etc..) expect bike and tuktuk (Three Wheel) for Gate 2 Entrance.

But you can freely visit Port City Marina Promenade through gate 01.

7:30 AM – 8:45 PM


Port City Colombo Sri Lanka Details

Country Sri Lanka
Province Western province
District Colombo
Entrence Fee Free
Elevation 0m
Temperature °C 25° - 30°

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