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34 Train Tours You Can Take by Kandy Badulla Train – Sri Lanka

Did you know that you can explore most of Sri Lanka’s scenic locations through the Upcountry train ride? This is considered to be one of the most wonderful train journeys in the world. Here, we will cover the destinations you might visit along the train tours and the nearby railway stations.


Kandy Badulla Train Tours in Sri Lanka

If you’re thinking about going on a trip to Kandy or Badulla in Sri Lanka, we’ve got some cool places for you to check out. Today, let’s talk about the train ride from Colombo to Badulla, starting from a place called Polgahawela.

So, Polgahawela is where the train ride begins, and it’s like the starting point for a special train journey in Sri Lanka. As we go along, there are different train stations, each with its own charm. These stations are like stops on our adventure, and near them are some really nice places to visit.

Imagine hopping on the train and stopping at these places, like a little travel story. We’ll look at not just the train stations but also the cool places nearby. Get ready for a simple yet exciting tour as we explore the train station and the awesome places waiting for you to visit!

Best Train Tours Destinations in Sri Lanka Colombo to Badulla Footsteps Travel

Exploring 34 Train Tours on the Kandy and Badulla Railway Journey in Sri Lanka

Here we have consolidated the best places to travel around Badulla and Kandy that have been captured so far in Sri Lanka.

Best places to visit by train in sri lanka

  1. Pinnawala Elephant Conservation Centre
  2. Pinnawala Zoo
  3. Weniwella Amuna
  1. Alagalla
  2. Meeyan Ella
  3. Bo Ella
  4. Saradiel Village
  5. Dekinda Ella Falls
  6. Hakoluwawa Tharaka Ella Waterfall
  1. Kadugannawa Ambalama
  2. Captain Dawson Tower
  3. Railway Museum Kadugannawa
  4. Balumgala
  5. Lion’s Mouth Rock Kadugannawa
  6. Kadugannawa Tea Factory
  7. Kadugannawa Tunnel
  8. Kadugannawa Rock View
  1. Nelligala
  2. Gadaladeniya Raja maha viharaya
  3. Ranawana Purana Rajamaha Viharaya
  1. Sri Lankathilake Rajamaha Viharaya
  2. Embekka Dewalaya
  3. Ritigala
  4. Royal Botanic Gardens
  5. Hanthana Mountain
  1. Temple Of The Sacred Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa)
  2. Kandy Lake
  3. Bahirawakanda Vihara Buddha Statue
  4. Ceylon Tea Museum
  5. Hanthana International Bird Park
  6. Arthur’s Seat View Point (Kandy view point)
  1. Ambuluwawa Tower
  1. Cow Down Waterfall
  2. Fool’s Bridge – Modayage Paalama
  1. Nawalapitiya Galpotta
  2. Kabaragala
  3. Paththunupitiya Hanging Bridge
  4. Blackhole Pool Falls
  5. Rambukpitiya Waterfall
  1. Hangaran-oya Falls 
  1. Galboda waterfall
  2. Penrose waterfall
  1. Diyagalla Ella Falls
  1. Castlereigh Lake
  2. Gartmore Falls
  3. Moray Falls
  4. Mohini Falls
  5. Maussakelle Reservoir
  6. Upcot
  7. Sri Pada / Adam’s Peak
  8. Singamalai reservoir
  9. Singamallei peak
  10. Kotagala Mountain
  11. Fairlawn Fall
  1. Singamalai Tunnel No.14 Kotagala End
  1. Upper Kothmale Reservoir View Point
  2. St Clair Falls
  3. Devon Falls
  4. Mount Vernon Waterfall
  1. Great Western Mountain range
  1. Nanu Oya Water Falls
  2. Glassaugh Falls
  3. Single Tree Hill
  4. Gregory Park
  5. Queen Victoria Park
  6. Galway’s Land National Park
  7. Lover’s Leap Waterfall
  8. Galwala Ella Falls
  9. Moon Plains
  10. Pidurutalagala
  11. Hakgala Botanical Garden
  12. Bomburu Ella Waterfall

You can have complete idea about the Nuwaraeliya travel locations by using our Nuwaraeliya Travel Guide 

  1. Parakumpura waterfall
  2. Rosa falls
  3. Elgin Estate Fall
  4. Perakumpura Railway Bridge
  1. Ambewela Reservoir / black pool
  2. New Dairy Farm Facility-New zealand farm
  3. Ambewela Farm
  4. Ambewela Wind Power – Photo location with wind power station
  5. Sri Padaya View Point Ambewela
  1. Pattipola Natural Canal
  2. Summit Level, Pattipola
  3. Tunnel NO 18/ Pattipola Tunnel
  4. Thotupola Mountain
  5. Horton Plains National Park
  6. Mini World’s End
  7. Great World’s End Drop
  8. Baker’s Falls
  9. Kirigalpoththa Mountain
  1. Ohiya Road
  2. Devil’s Staircase View Point
  3. Horton Plains National Park
  4. Kalu Palama
  5. Tunnel No 20 [Up Country Line]
  1. Idalgashinna Mountain
  2. Summer Hut
  3. Railway View Point Idalgashinna ( Sulan Kapolla )
  4. Devil’s Seat Idalgashinna
  1. Haputale Viewpoint
  2. Main Viewpoint Haputhale
  3. Prabhawa Mountain Day Viewpoint
  4. Rock View Camping Ground Haputhale
  5. Sherwood rock
  6. Sherwood Deck
  7. Kelburne Estate Rock
  8. Damsath Rainfall active waterfall
  9. Melheim Falls
  10. Adisham Bungalow (St.Benedict’s Monastery)
  11. Lipton’s Seat
  12. Diyaluma Falls
  13. Beragala Road
  14. Bambarakanda Falls
  15. Devil’s Staircase
  16. Lena Ella
  17. Lanka Ella
  18. Yahalathenna Waterfall
  19. Wangedigala
  20. Yahalathenna Waterfall
  21. Gommolliya
  22. Surathali Ella
  23. Kirawana Waterfall
  1. Foxhill
  2. Diyathalava finus forest
  3. Little Pahanthudawa
  4. Tunnel No 38 [Up Country Line]
  5. Scenic road around Diyathalawa
  1. Ellatota Ella Waterfall
  2. Iron Bridge Obodaella
  3. Bandarawela Tunnal
  4. Bandarawela City Tour
  1. Porawagala Viewpoint
  2. Kinigama Falls
  3. Mahaulpotha Waterfall
  1. Dowa Rock Temple
  1. Black Bridge
  2. Ella Rock
  3. Kuda Ravana Ella
  4. Kital Ella Waterfall
  1. Little Adams Peak
  2. Ella Rock
  3. Flying Ravana Zip Line
  4. Ravana Pool Club
  5. Ravana Pool Swinging
  6. Flying Ravana ATV ride
  7. Nine Arches Bridge
  8. Ravana Falls
  9. Ravana’s Cave
  10. Nildiya Pokuna
  11. Ella Organic Tea Garden
  12. Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory
  13. Diyaluma Falls
  14. Ella Spice Garden
  15. Ellewala Falls
  16. Ella City Tour
  17. Gotuwala Ella
  18. Ran Puhulan Wala (Natural Pool)
  19. Kombukara Nature Pool
  20. Pallewela Waterfall
  21. Secret Waterfall

If you want more details about the Ella Tourist Locations, you can follow our Ella Tour Guide

  1. Demodara Railway Loop Viewpoint
  2. Demodara Iron Bridge
  3. Demodara View Point
  4. Ooduwera view point
  1. Galamuduna View Point
  2. Kukulagala View Point
  3. Geradi Ella Falls
  1. Muthiyangana Raja Maha Vihara
  2. Dunhinda Waterfall
  3. Kuda Dunhinda Waterfall
  4. Babaragala Mountain
  5. Geradi ella Waterfall
  6. Diyanagala Viewpoint
  7. Aradunu Falls
  8. Bambaragala Pathana
  9. Memale Mountain Peak
  10. Ranugalla Dunhinda Ella
  11. Tonocombe Viewpoint
  12. Weewessa Viewpoint
  13. Narangala Mountain
  14. Harasbedda Mini World’s End
  15. Bogoda Old Wooden Bridge
  16. Besama Water Pool
  17. Peessagama Waterfall
  18. Pareiyan Ella Falls
  19. Madulsima – Mini Worlds End
Best Train Tours Destinations in Sri Lanka Colombo to Badulla Footsteps Travel

It includes all the places I’m aware of. Please comment below if you notice any shortcomings or if there are areas that should be added.

If you’re interested in guides for each of the places mentioned above, feel free to leave a comment. We’re eager to provide more information.

Currently, there are several trains operating from Colombo to Badulla. Their schedule is as follows,

Train Time Schedule From Colombo To Kandy/Badulla

05.30 AM – Ella Odyssey (Kandy/Badulla)

05.55 AM – Podi Menike (Kandy/Badulla)

06.30 AM – Kandy Odyssey (Kandy)

07.00 AM –  Intercity Express with Observation Saloon (Kandy)

08.30 AM – Udarata Menike (Kandy/Badulla)

09.45 AM – Express Train (Kandy/Badulla)

10.35 AM – Intercity Express (Kandy)

12.40 PM – Intercity Express (Kandy)

03.35 PM – Intercity Express (Kandy)

04.35 PM – Intercity Express (Kandy)

05.15 PM – Intercity Express (Kandy)

05.45 PM – Intercity Express (Kandy)

08.30 PM – Night Mail Train – Express Train (Kandy/Badulla)

Make sure to utilize the RDMNS app when traveling by train. This app enables you to plan a delightful trip simply by checking it out. If you require additional information, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. And if you have more details to share, please feel free to let us know!

Best Train Tours Destinations in Sri Lanka Colombo to Badulla Footsteps Travel

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